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Weed Mat for Backyard

Weed mat for backyard helps in covering unwanted weed with a mat. Weed is unwanted grass that accounts for the worst part of the gardening. Pulling out weeds from the garden is time taking and an arduous process therefore why not switch to other ways to address this problem, one of them being weed matting. Weed matting is usually done prior to installation of artificial grass in landscaping projects.

Types of Weed Mat for Backyard

  • Woven weed mats are stronger, UV stable and lasts for 15 years.
  • Non-woven ones are easy to purchase and last for 3 years maximum.

Weed mat for backyard is laid before planting or installation to prevent the growth of weeds.

Nice backyard has organically registered weed mats with key features vital for its high quality and action. To cater to the client’s diverse requirements, we offer a good range of weed mats and customize them according to their needs.

We can customize the weed mat order with precut slits.  The fabric of our weed mat gives excellent results and suits the Australian conditions. We offer weed mats in standard length and sizes. Even precut sizes are available. Our weed mats have:

  • Longer service life
  • Excellent finishing
  • Water permeability
  • Good quality

Customized orders are delivered in a week’s time frame whereas the normal ones can be delivered on the same day. If interested you can order and let us know about your requirements or queries via email or give us a call on the number provided on the website.


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