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Composite Decking vs Traditional Harwood Decking

Having and owning a garden deck has become very popular these days and due to its popularity,

different types of materials are now available for consumers to choose from.


A lot of homeowners usually pick hardwood decking boards when they are planning for a new deck on their home. However, there are still other options in which you can create a beautiful deck for your home like the composite decking which is for us here at Nice Backyard and is the best choice for homeowners and builders alike.


In this Blog, you will know the simple comparison between composite decking and hardwood decking.


Hardwood Decking:


A lot of people are choosing hardwood decking because of its natural beauty. It isn’t until they installed it that they came to a realization of how much work it is to maintain its appearance. Timber decking requires an oil treatment from time to time due to its sensitivity to moisture absorption. Most deck installers would also recommend keeping it oiled twice a year to keep its natural beauty, we wouldn’t want to look our timber decking look dull and ugly right?


In case and in the future, you have a stain on your timber decking, you’ll be starting the process all over again. You’ll also need to stop or clean the stain as soon as possible to stop the timber deck from turning into a patchy-like color. Staining is hard to get the consistency of its color and weather at different rates hence the requirement of more maintenance to keep the timber deck looking good and nice.


When choosing the suitable material to fasten the timber boards together, you must consider many things. Choosing the right nail or screw to attach the decks together is very important as well.



Composite Decking:


Composite decking is now becoming the leading choice for most installers, homeowners, and builders for so many reasons. As you must know, composite decking is produced from recycled polyethylene and wood fibers. Therefore, it’s an environmentally friendly decking material one good reason for its growth in popularity. Composite decking also has and offers non-slip, low maintenance, and a splinter-free perfect for kids and pets.


Composite decking uses Decking Clips to fasten the boards together simply to remove the dull-looking appearance caused by the nails or screws. The materials of this type of decking are color-fast, meaning they keep their beauty much longer compared to timber. Comparing its price range to timber, you will surely be pleasantly surprised at how it can be a more cost-effective decking alternative once installed.



For further information on how to make and create a beautiful outdoor living space for your family, you can visit our website: and our deck professional will provide you with the information you need to get the job started. We supply and install.

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