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Measuring Different Areas

Sometimes it gets hard to work out how much material you need for a particular job. We have written different ways to calculate few different areas.

Calculating the Square Meters for Grass Area

When it is a square or a rectangular block, it is much easier to calculate the grass area. To calculate square Meters you have to basically multiply Length by Width

L (in meters) X W (in meters) = Square Meters

The standard width for grass roles is 2m or 4m (or in some varieties we also stock 3.76m wide) so if the width is just under the standard available width size, when calculating the grass area you will have to multiply the available width by the length of the area.

For Example: If your area is 3.8m wide and 10m long, you will multiply 10m by 4m. That extra .2m is your wastage

10 M (length) X 4m (available width) = 40 SQM

If your area is more than the standard available width, then you will have to get another piece of grass and join two pieces together

Covering An Area

To calculate the cubic metres you need to cover an area, multiply the square metres by the thickness( or height of filling) you need to apply.

For Example

40m² x 0.08m (80mm) = 3.2m³

Important Note: All the measurements have to be in meters, not in millimeters.

Bagged Material

1,000 Liters equal to 1 Cubic Meter. To work out how many 40 liter bags of Nice Backyard Mulch will fill 1 Cubic Metre, divide 1,000 by the size of the bag.

1,000L / 40L = 25 Bags

So if you are doing a filing of 50mm one bag of 40 Litres should cover 0.8 sqm