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Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for your Rental Property

Owning Rental Properties does not have to be a headache. You can enjoy your investment properties more fully when you choose low-maintenance landscaping options that will help you save time and money each month.
The common areas or yards at your properties do not have to require high maintenance costs or become unkempt between visits if you simply opt for landscaping design that will keep your properties looking pristine while helping you save money.
Here are 6 Low-Maintenance Ideas:

  1. Avoid tropical plants and other non-native plant species.

A plant that is not native to the area which your rental property is located will require more water, more soil additives, and more maintenance to keep them looking their best. You can save water and lower your yard’s maintenance requirements by species that have adapted well to the local environment and seasonal changes. To find some native plants that are likely to thrive on your property, you can visit a local garden center or enlist the assistance of a local landscape designer.

  1. Use ground covers that do not require water and will keep weeds down.

The more area you cover with gravel, mulch, bark or wood chips or weed mat, the more money you can save on water and maintenance. As an added benefit, ground covers help maintain soil moisture and reduce weed growth, while taking the place of other ground covers that require more care and water, such as natural grass or low-growing plants. These low-maintenance ground covers  requires some occasional raking or adding new layers to keep them looking their best.

  1. Create more patio space.

Covered patios are the perfect place for family barbecues or evening get-togethers.Patio areas are also ideal for sunbathing or for storing equipment for water or mountain sports.Concrete walkways may be cheaper to install initially, but they tend to crack and require more maintenance over their lifetime than lower-maintenance options, like pavers.Pavers also have a far more elegant look that will immediately give your rental property an aesthetic boost that is sure to appeal to potential renters.

  1. Avoid or limit use of water features in your landscape design.

Water features, such as fountains or waterfalls cascading over rocks, are a lovely addition to any landscape design; however, they generally require more maintenance than you will likely want to provide for a property that is not your primary residence. A water feature that runs constantly can significantly increase your water bill, even if you choose an option that recycles the water.You will also need to consider the cost of regular cleaning, as well as pump maintenance and repair.

  1. Add some Decking

Decking has a great impact that will immediately give your rental property an awesome look that will be surely to appeal to potential renters. Also, when it comes to decking make sure to use a Composite Decking as you don’t have to stain it every year which helps you save more.

  1. Replace your natural grass lawn with lush, vibrant artificial turf.

Opting for synthetic grass over natural grass is one of the top money-saving choices you can make when designing your landscape.Fake grass requires minimal maintenance that can easily be accomplished on your own or that can be outsourced to a local landscaping company that specializes in caring for artificial turf.With just a little cleaning and an occasional brushing, your synthetic grass lawn will always be ready for your family to enjoy as soon as you arrive at your vacation home.

With all the tips we have shared, we hope that it helped you about Landscaping your Rental Property.

If you need a quote for some low maintenance works done at your property, it’s time to call Nice Backyard on 03 9402 6483 or visit If you plan to do it on your own and save some more, please don’t worry we just love to guide you through your project.

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