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Is Synthetic Grass Cheaper and Better than Paving?

If you are planning a garden overhaul at some point soon, then you may be considering whether to use paving or artificial grass or even both in your new garden. Of course, there are pros and cons to both types of surfacing. But artificial grass does have some distinct advantages over a hard standing. It’s also true that budget becomes a big factor when looking for the best solution for your garden. However, there are often a lot of other considerations at play, such as whether you’re looking to combat drainage, and how you plan to use your garden. For instance, you may be looking for a safe surface for children and pets, or a patio area for entertaining guests.When choosing the best solution for your garden, you’ll have to think about the value you’ll be getting back. Maintenance may also be an issue. For instance, artificial grass typically requires less maintenance than a patio or paving, so less work involved. A resin-bound surface requires around the same maintenance as artificial grass;however, it is slightly costlier.
Artificial Grass is cheaper to install than paving for several reasons because the ground preparation for artificial grass involves less excavation. Labor time required is also reduced as the installation is far quicker compare to patio installation which may take double this amount of time or more. The reduce labor time means a large financial saving. Artificial grass and paving each have their strengths and their weaknesses.In truth, both artificial grass and paving can work together in perfect harmony to create the low-maintenance garden of your dreams.Many of the customers would like to have a patio area to put their garden furniture on. Although it is possible to do this with good quality fake turf, garden furniture is generally best left on a hard standing, especially over the long term.You can also combine paving and artificial grass to create stepping stones that will give any lawn the wow factor
There’s less chance of injury
Fake turf has an obvious benefit that its much softer than paving. Good quality artificial grass has a dense pile that is soft to the touch. The softness of the artificial grass will cushion the impact of any trips or falls in the garden and it’s less likely to cause injury.
Paving is a hard surface that can cause cuts, bruising and even broken bones. Paving slabs may also come loose over time, causing them to become unstable or even creating a dangerous trip hazard.
Like Paving, There’s No Mud or Mess
It may sound obvious, but many people forget that with artificial grass, there’s no mud or mess. In this respect, it acts in much the same way as a hard surface.
There’s Less Chance of Staining
Most types of paving are susceptible to staining. Oil, paint or wine can be very difficult to remove. However, with artificial grass these types of staining are much easier to remove. Most types of spills are generally wiped clean from the turf. For oil-based stains you may need to use a small amount of white spirit, but these types of stain will not soak into the plastic fibers in the same way they do with natural stone products.
Fake Grass is Free-Draining
A distinct advantage that fake grass has over paving is that it is completely permeable.With proper installation, this means that you won’t get any standing water on your artificial turf.
Paving, on the other hand, requires the installer to put a fall on the paving to channel any surface water run-off to a flower bed or drain. The larger the area of your garden that is paved, the more you are contributing to flooding, as there is less earth for rainfall to naturally drain through to allow it to return to the local water table.By keeping hard standing areas to a minimum, you’ll be minimizing your impact on the environment.
Perfect for Shaded, Damp Areas of the Garden
Most gardens tend to have an area that is continually damp and forever sheltered from the sun.These types of areas are perfect for artificial grass as it is unlikely that much would grow under these harsh conditions.
Paving is an option, but one of the problems with putting natural stone in these types of areas is that it can become discolored, maybe even turning green.This is due to the damp conditions.
Artificial grass will not discolor or fade when installed in such areas, making it the perfect solution to bring damp areas of the garden back to life.
No Chemical Sealants Required
Most types of paving, especially natural paving, greatly benefit from the application of a chemical sealant to increase their lifespan and protect the paving from the elements.
Fake turf, on the other hand, doesn’t require any form of chemical sealant or even any kind of pesticide, fertilizer or weed killer, such as might be associated with real grass.

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