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Gym Mat Installation in Melbourne

The gym floor needs to withstand heavy impact of the weights and iron. Specialize Gym Mat Installation is the key to ensure the safety of the floor and its durability. Gym Mats are usually rubber mats when it comes to material. This is because rubber easily absorbs the shocks from weight drops.

Benefits of Gym Mat Installation

  • It’s very easy to clean, you simply need some soapy water to wipe it.
  • Rubber provides excellent cushioning.

How to do Gym Mat Installation

Installing gym flooring isn’t as difficult as you think when it comes to rubber flooring. The following steps are easy to follow:

Make sure your subfloor is clean and that there is no grease, dirt, or dust on it.

  1. Open the rubber rolls and lay them across the room the way you want them installed. Be sure to check the color and any pattern directions on each roll as you lay it out.
  2. For trimming any excess rubber away, use the straight edge and the utility knife. Make sure you use a fresh blade in the utility knife to prevent tearing or ragged edges.
  3. Apply the double-sided tape to the perimeter of each rubber roll. Remove the release paper and firmly push the rubber back into place or you can directly roll out the rubber mats after spreading the glue on the subfloor.
  4. After one hour, the adhesive on the tape has started to set. Use a carpet roller to push the rubber firmly on the tape.

Rubber flooring is the ideal material for gym mat installation. Our team, at Nice Backyard, will guide and instruct regarding the post installation maintenance and also for mending wear and tear. We offer all types of gym flooring and mat installation in Melbourne region.