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Can you use fireworks on Artificial Grass?

Can you use fireworks on Artificial Grass?

We all love to spend some good quality with our families, celebrating small occasions, get-togethers. Especially today that we are experiencing the Pandemic. We all want to be practical these days when it comes to celebrating occasions. That’s why doing it in our backyard is much efficient.


Nowadays, celebrating with fireworks on your lawn could end up causing serious damage to your artificial lawn and, of course, your bank balance. It is much advisable that want to have your own party celebration you could do Bonfire Night, but in doing this you need to take some safety measures to ensure that your family, pets, property, and your artificial lawn will not be in danger. Several homeowners have switched their lawns from real to artificial turf grass and if you are one of those, you will need to be mindful of the damages that may have been done to your lawn during your own celebration. Do remember that the fire from the fireworks can easily travel in any direction once it is lit, regardless of how you try to stabilize the fire it may still end up landing on your lawn and causing the grass fibers to melt and damage more than you can imagine.



Here are some tips that you can do on your Lawn during your Bonfire Night:


  1. Do it in a concreted area – If you’re looking to maintain your artificial grass, doing the fireworks and bonfire should be set off on alternative areas such as those covered by concrete. Just remember to keep the fire well away from the lawn.


  1. Look for a display in your local area – There are plenty of public firework displays that offer around bonfire night that could provide an evening of fun for your whole family. Check out your local or do a quick Google search to find a display that suits you. You may be surprised at how much fun the night can be without the added pressure of setting off your own fireworks on the lawn.


  1. Do not position your bonfire near your artificial grass – To prevent long-lasting damage on your artificial grass, do remember to maintain any type of fire away from your lawn. It would be a shame on your end to cause any melted patches on your lawn as we all know it. That’s why Homeowners should know the Dos and Don’ts about Synthetic Artificial Turf Grass.


  1. Keep the sparklers away from your artificial turf grass – Bonfire night wouldn’t be the same without using some good old sparklers to celebrate with. Sparklers is a type of hand-held firework that burns slowly while emitting colored flames, sparks, and other effects which makes the celebration more exciting but even the burnt-out metal rods of the sparklers remain hot, enough to make the fibers of your artificial grass melt for several minutes.


  1. Create a fun lighting display – If you’re having a bonfire party, you can decorate your home with some lanterns and firework-like ornaments. Thin out of the box, do some glittery, reflective objects that will give a real sense of sparkle to your interior space. As well as offering a cheap alternative to fireworks, this method is totally safe and easy to pull off.



Always remember that there’s more to bonfire night than fireworks. Let’s be all cautious and stay safe!

A Friendly Reminder from Nice Backyard.

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