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Artificial Turf for Wheelchair Users

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Everybody needs and wants to have an alone-time in their garden or yard that is surrounded by fresh air and some light. Nothing can be able to stop you from having this kind of moment in your life even if it is being a disability or being old. Proper planning and renovation can make anything accessible. Natural grass has various disadvantages for wheelchair users and people who are having a hard time walking, and it is not quite a suitable option for wheelchair users. Therefore, synthetic grass is becoming popular these days as a replacement, and it has become a favorable choice to use for some outdoor spaces.
According to statistics, there are about 4.4% of individuals in Australia with a disability use wheelchair, and over 4.4 million people have other disabilities. Among these, about 44.5% of individuals with disabilities are aged 65 and over. Therefore, it is quite needed to have and own a wheelchair. Having user-friendly lawns and gardens is necessary as well so outdoor activities are accessible to everyone equally. With this result, synthetic grass is becoming a likable alternative compare to natural grass for people with mobility difficulties.
Here are some of the reasons you might need to know why it is such a good choice and perfect for outdoor spaces not only for wheelchair users but also for those who use a cane or a walker in installing and using of Synthetic Grass:

  • Synthetic grass does not need any mowing, weeding, or watering as it will keep its healthy appearance regardless of the season.
  • Synthetic grass needs an initial outlay, as some savings needs to be done in the long-term since it requires a little maintenance.
  • Professional synthetic grass installers will make sure that the grass and area are leveled before installing the artificial turf, which helps reduce the hazards like tripping and it helps provide a smooth surface as well for wheelchair users.
  • Synthetic grass is sturdy, so it can withstand frequent use including wheelchair use.
  • Synthetic grass is like a carpet, it gives a smooth surface that is good to glide across.
  • Synthetic grass requires virtually no upkeep, turf installers can become more creative with their design when installing turf, this includes designing some areas with the use of containers or add some raised flower beds which will be more accessible for users of wheelchairs and also for those who are passionate gardeners.

Along with using synthetic grass for wheelchairs, you can also add some more features to make mobility even look better and easier. Here are a few design changes you might consider with synthetic grass for making your yard more wheelchair-friendly:
Ramps – If your garden has one or more different kinds of levels on the lawn, you might consider installing or adding some ramps with handrails, so that the garden can be accessible.
Seating Area – If one of your family members is using a stick, walker, or crane, you might need to make sure that there is enough seating area in the garden so that there will be some areas of places to sit around during rest breaks.
Ponds – Garden ponds are difficult to maintain, a water feature is a good alternative and is not only beautiful, but you can also enjoy the soothing sound of moving water for relaxation.
Paths – Garden paths should be at least one meter wide for wheelchair users and needs to include enough space for turning.

Proper planning and renovation can make anything accessible. That’s why if you are worried that your lawn area is not safe for a wheelchair, then you should opt for artificial or synthetic turf is at Nice Backyard we offer these services, from supplying the products to installing them and making sure that you and your family can enjoy your new and enhanced lawn front and backyard area.

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