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Zip curtains is a modern stylish alternative shade that can upgrade any outdoor living area. It is an automatic curtain system which is very durable, functional, practical in use, easy to operate, and gives an infinite utility. It is designed to create an ideal indoor climate to protect you from intense sunlight during summer months and in other seasons.
Owning a zip curtain is a perfect essential for homeowners who want to upgrade their outdoor living area into a more comfortable and relaxing place. Zip Curtains are a perfect way to transform your Al Fresco or Patio into an amazing entertainment area for your family and friends when having an occasion or just even your relaxing time. Your outdoor living area can be damaged if it will not be protected accordingly. Since zip curtains are custom-fitted curtains that leaves no gaps, therefore preventing any insects to enter. It also protects you from dust, pollution, prying neighbors and any weather conditions. Installing one offers privacy and protection for your personal needs. The simple yet stylish of the zip curtains can be integrated flawlessly at your home since they are a very sleek alternative. To know more about what you can get when having a zip curtain;
Here are the benefits that you can get when you use Zip Curtains:

  1. Privacy Guaranteed – An ideal solution for enclosing Al Fresco & outdoor entertaining areas offering seclusion and sun-protection or any harsh weather. With these external curtains, privacy will be yours to keep. With screen mesh and fabrics controlling visibility, your Al Fresco will be now even more private and cozier compared before.
  2. Protection – With Zip curtains, you can say goodbye to dust and harsh sunlight. Their mesh fabric allows transmission only a small amount of light and air, resulting in creating a muted ambiance.
  3. Customizable – These curtains are a custom-fitted and have a wide range of standard colors and a custom powder coat extrusion that will suit to your any external environment.
  4. Side Retention System – This keeps the fabric secure in channels which is suitable for high wind areas
  5. Changing Aesthetic and Architecture – Zip curtains completely change the look and feel of your Al Fresco. It has a sleek and contemporary square cassette box.
  6. Custom-fit – The fit of these zip curtains is such that insects and dust are kept away. Many other stylish zip curtains or blinds have a problem with insects and dust entering the interiors. But with our curtains, you won’t have that problem.
  7. Easy to use and maintain – These curtains come in easy formats and maintenance is relatively easy due to its hassle-free nature. But if you want, you can also ask your supplier to install it for you.
  8. Budget-friendly – you can always rely on having these zip curtains within your budget need.


With the information we provided, we hope that it helped you know more about the benefits when you use Zip Curtains for your home. At Nice Backyard, we supply and install Zip Curtains for Al Fresco just call us at Nice Backyard (03) 9402 6483 and we’ll be happy to install and supply it for you.