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Skunks are cute little creatures. They are the last guests that you would want to entertain on your artificial grass lawn. If something starts to startle or annoys them either if it’s your kids, dog, or something else their natural response is to spray immediately. They can launch an infamous spray as quickly as they can and as far as 10 feet, and we all know that the smell from them is awful. With that, our questions and thoughts will pop-up like, what if it gets on the artificial grass? Will the lawn be doomed to stink forever? Thankfully, the answer to these questions will be NO. There are some steps you can take to clean the turf successfully and sanitize your artificial turf grass.


Skunks are very shy creatures by nature, and they are usually nocturnal, coming out around at dawn to eat some insects, plants, mice, and more. They usually spray their odors during their mating season which occurs in January and March. And when the skunks are frightened, they automatically spray and leave behind an odor that would make it very hard to remove on your artificial turf lawn. With that, surely no one wants to sit outside when that smell is persisting all over the place or on your grass. Thankfully, removing a skunk odor on your artificial turf grass does not require any hassle job. You can be able to get rid of the odor with some items that you can get and use from your home. As a matter of fact, there are already products that were designed in removing skunk’s odor from artificial turf grass easier.


Follow these steps to help secure your home and practice some skunk-free resistance:

  • Close any holes, vents, and more that might provide access to beneath your home, deck, or shed. Also, look for any evidence of digging as well, as skunks have long nails that help them dig. But if you think that you already have a skunk at home, you might need to call a professional wildlife remover asap.
  • Crosscheck and make sure that your garbage can have a very tight lid.
  • DO NOT feed your pets outside they might smell it more or less get attracted from the food you gave to your pets.
  • Take in pet water at night.


And a friendly reminder from the Nice Backyard Team, always keeps that de-skunking recipe very handy. With that it can definitely help you be prepared for their mating season when January rolls and hopefully, you won’t have to worry about having that funky odor from them out on your artificial turf grass.