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If you are looking for a creative idea to decorate your garden, try adding a water feature and enjoy the soothing sound of water movement all year round. Water features in the garden are beautiful, it’s calming and relaxing. Even if you don’t live near in a naturally flowing water or in a forest glen with those calming sounds, you can still create your own water feature oasis by making your own. Water Feature provides a comfortable and natural element to your home and it’s not too difficult to build your own water feature onto your garden.
It’s amazing what you can do by gathering a few tools and referencing DIY water feature ideas that you’ll soon be basking in your own spas like garden or living area. You may have some of the resources you need that are tucked away in your basement or garage. The best part about these DIY water feature is that if you have an empty pot, basins, extra river rock and more you can easily put them to use and turn into a soothing oasis which does not only sound pleasant but also adds a nice accent to your outdoor or indoor space. With a little bit of time and with the items you gathered, you will be on your way to a spa-like bliss after you just add water.
Here are some ideas that you can make as a DIY Water Feature:

  • Simple Potted Fountain

Few things are more soothing than the sound of a simple fountain, so you can consider this simple bubbler made of two textured pots, the smaller one set within the other, tubing, gravel and a pump. The water bubbles up and falls.

  • Rustic Windowpane Water Feature

Keep cool with this unusual water feature which was made of an old windowpane fitted at the top with a perforated tube. The falling water resembles corrugated glass except you can put their hands through it and the sensation cool. The falling water provides pleasure for kids all ages. You can also install up lights in the gravel-filled area at the bottom to illuminate the wall of water at night.

  • Underground Water Fountain

This buried fountain takes a bit of work to set up, but once it is installed and start working it will be an irresistible lure to family and friends. It is a simple fountain in the center of a bed of river stones. You can make it even lovelier by planting ornamental grasses, small boulders, and colored flowers.

  • Overflowing Pot Fountain

The water in this fountain leaps up from the spigot and bubbles in a big glazed ceramic pot before it overflows. The water hugs the outside of the pot before it disappears into the gravel reservoir. This brings a tactile pleasure of cool water and smooth ceramic. This fountain is bound to be the focal point of your garden.

  • Cascading Copper Wall Waterfall

You can use a simple sheet of copper to assemble this attention-getting fountain. Like the other waterfall, the water flows down from a perforated pipe into a reservoir. The simplicity of this water feature refreshes the eye and it can serve as a focal point if your lawn is unadorned.

  • Stacked Rocks Water Feature

Visitors may wonder how you got these flat rocks to keep from topping over as water cascades down them. The secret is just to drill holes through the rocks and stack them on top of each other like pancakes. Pleasure is had not just in the sound of the water but in the way the light strikes into the wet stone.

  • River Rock Mini Fountain

River rocks are an ideal material to fill the reservoir of any fountain. The trick to this is to arrange these dozens of rocks in a way that looks artless as if your fountain has been there all along.

We hope that with the ideas we shared helped you to create your own desired Water Feature for your Garden. But if you are not a fan of doing a DIY, at Nice Backyard we supply and install Water Features and Pots perfect for your needs just call us on (03) 9402 6483