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Stack stones can be used anywhere in your area. You can use it for indoor or outdoor use depending on what or how you do it, imagine it. You can even hire a landscaper to do it for you or you can do a DIY. But in NICE BACKYARD, we supply, install and deliver Australia wide for Stack Stones and other backyard products just for our customers. We help you achieve the best for your place. Depending on the type and cut of stacked stones, you can add a certain charm to your landscaping, creating the effect of a countryside cottage. Other smooth perfectly cut stones create a more structured or sleek look that fits well with formal or modern designs. No matter what style you have in your yard, stacked stones are a useful addition to your landscaping and not overly complicated to install.



Here are the main uses of stack stones:


  1. Stack Stones along the edge of your property line or driveway


  1. Stack Stones around the flower or vegetable garden


  1. Build a small wall or border along winding pathways through your yard or garden


  1. Create slightly raised plant beds by stackings stones tightly together in whatever shape you wish


  1. Add interest to your landscaping by stacking stones make useful features


  1. Use stacked stones for your Feature Wall
  1. Fireplace Design
  1. Stacked Stone Mailbox

If you are on a tight budget for your letterbox, you can use your extra stacked stones to spice up your mailbox. Just be creative and you’ll have an amazing Mailbox.


Please click this link to see our Stack Stone Products & Polished Pebbles Products: