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Synthetic grass was developed for use in sports pitches as grounds men were struggling to maintain their pitches and outfields in the face of the consistently heavy use they received week, week out. At that time, a silica sand was infill was installed as standard. We certainly recommend that you use a silica sand infill on all types of artificial grass. Even though some ’in-infill’ grasses have been developed in recent years, these basically just have a dense lower thatch, and its still important to install to your artificial lawn. This will prolong the life of your artificial lawn and improve the way it looks and performs. The only advantage to not using a sand infill for artificial grass is that it makes the installation cheaper. Regarding for Power Broom, it is a motorized broom to brush up synthetic turf fibers. It’s recommended to purchase or rent the more aggressive brush head with your power broom. This brush head can be versatile for landscape turf and cutting of putting green surfaces. It is also beneficial for brushing seams and edges. Power brooms can get hot after long use. Do not lay the power broom on the synthetic turf at any time. The heat from the engine can melt the turf fibers. When adding fuel to the power broom do not add the fuel over the synthetic turf. Power brooms are very tough but fragile at the same time. Keep power brooms maintained and stored in a secure place and not in the back of the truck where other equipment can be damage it. In NICE BACKYARD, you can purchase Silica Sand Infill as we supply, install and deliver Australia Wide and offers their Power Broom to be rented.
Here are 10 lists of the benefits in using a sand infill for synthetic grass:

  1. It holds the grass in position
  • The sand infill acts like a ballast; it weighs down the grass and prevents it from being lifted. The additional ballast helps the artificial grass to follow the contours of your lawn.


  1. It prevents Rippling
  • Artificial grass can expand when subjected to sunshine during the summer months and contract during cooler periods. This slight movement can potentially result in ripples or ridges appearing in your artificial lawn.


  1. It protects the Artificial Fibers
  • Sand infill can help add stability to the fibers, which helps them to stand more upright. This gives your lawn a far more natural, three-dimensional look.


  1. It increases Fire Resistance
  • It’s very important in the interests of fire safety that your artificial lawn is fire resistant. Adding a sand infill will also help to increase the fire resistance of your artificial lawn.


  1. It improves Drainage
  • Another reason to install a silica sand infill is for drainage. If you look at the backing of artificial grass, you will notice drainage hotels that will allow rainfall to drain away through your fake lawn. During periods of torrential rainfall, the presence of silica sand will act as a filter, regulating the flow of water through your lawn. This slower the speed will make it easier for the sub grade to cope with heavy amounts of rainfall without causing flooding.


  1. It will keep your lawn cooler
  • During hot summer days, a potential problem with some forms of artificial grass is that it can become hot to touch. Another great reason to install an infill for artificial grass.


  1. It increases Security
  • This has added benefit of preventing artificial grass theft, which is particularly important in front garden installations and commercial application such as public playgrounds and schools. Silica sand also has the additional benefit of blunting sharp blades extremely quickly, which will make the artificial grass very difficult to cut. To prevent theft, installing silica sand infill is highly recommended.
  1. It protects the backing on your Artificial Grass
  • When a sand infill is applied to artificial grass, it should be brushed into the turf with Power Broom. This enables the sand to fall to the bottom of the pile. This is very important benefit if you have a dog or a cat that likes to dig.


  1. It prevents Static
  • Another great reason to install a sand infill is to prevent the build-up of static electricity, so that you can rest assured that your lawn will be safe for you, your family and your pets to use.


  1. It can help prevent Weeds
  • In rare instances, airborne seeds can nestle amongst the fibers of your fake grass, which will potentially lead to weeds appearing on your artificial lawn. To combat this, there are now weed-free silica sands available on the market that will help prevent the growth of unwanted weeds. This form of kiln-dried sand has a naturally alkaline mixture of nutrient-poor minerals that keep weeds at bay without the need for chemical weed killers.


With all this information and ideas, we hope that you learned about the importance of Silica Sand Infill and Power Booming it the Synthetic Grass ?


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