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Many people who owns a backyard / lawn wants to install a mini golf, they want to try it at home so that it wouldn’t be hassle for them to go all the way to golf courses, this way they can play golf right at their own place without going or driving to far places. This the reason also that some people were very eager to have their own golf and did it through DIY but did not go exactly what they want and resulted to a disaster. We do all know that when it comes to installing a Putting Green Synthetic Grass there are steps that needs to follow and tools to use so that the outcome will be amazing. And if you can’t do it by yourself, no need to worry as Nice Backyard is here to help you solve your problem. We install, supply and deliver our good and best quality Putting Green Synthetic Grass at a good price too. We will also give you some tips and steps on how to install the Putting Green so that you will have some information and if you are ready to do DIY you can do it perfectly like a pro.



Hand Tamper

String Trimmer

Safety Glasses


3 Foot Level

Yard Rake (with flat metal side)

Leaf Rake

Square Nose

Shovel and Hand Trowel

Putting Green Synthetic Grass



  1. Determine size & location


  1. Clear (&Dig) area for sub-base


  1. Distribute base material


  1. Compact base material


  1. Determine placement of sleeves


  1. Dig holes for sleeves


  1. Place Sleeves


  1. Lay turf over sub-base


  1. Ready the turf for seams and seam it


  1. Cutting outer edge


  1. Secure outer edge


  1. Top Dressing


  1. Finished product and Maintenance



With all this information and ideas, you can now do your own golf course and install the Putting Green Synthetic Grass just like us from Nice Backyard.


Please click this link to see our Synthetic Grass Products: