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More and more are using polished pebbles as a decorative around the house where it is prettier than bark or mulch is required. With the wide range of decorative pebbles options available on the market, you can choose different colors.
Garden often feature stones as mulch, borders, walkways and retaining walls. By contrast, polished stones/pebbles are tumbled into a smooth finish with a high sheen that makes each stone more visually appealing. You can purchase a wider variety of pebbles/stones from stores like Nice Backyard which they supply, deliver and install it for you if you can’t do DIY on your garden.
Here are some creative ideas about how to use polished pebbles as a decorative feature:

  • Eco-friendly in the garden
  • Polished pebbles can be used as an interior or exterior mulch to subdue weeds, protect the soil and retain the moisture of the soil. You can either place them straight on a garden bed or just gently put it inside a plant pot. To its functionality, pebbles dress up a pot and off-set shapely greenery.


  • Decorate your driveway
  • Polished pebbles can be used to create a simple casual driveway. They can be used on their own or around the pavers for a fresh and modernized look.


  • Put the pebbles in a pathway
  • Polished pebbles can be used as an attractive ground cover, creating an immediate pathway or walkway on your front and backyard.


  • Mix the textures
  • You can use a paver combine with pebbles to create an interest and harmony. Use of pavers with smooth surfaces and straight edges laid in straight lines to create an efficient layout. You can also contrast this with the rough, organic texture of soft pebbles which is laid in between.


  • Intensify the wet area
  • Pebbles can naturally compliment pool areas, water features, ponds and other wet areas with their natural source.


  • You can increase the interest in your interiors and exteriors
  • Pebbles is used as a feature design on the kitchen, retaining walls or bathroom wall. Pebbles is fixed to a vertical surface with some adhesives and it provides a wonderful textured outcome. They can also be laid on the grout to make a hardwearing textured floor surface.


  • Make a spatter
  • Pebbles can be added as a decorative accent to brighten up your centerpieces on tables or you can add an extra feature on your fireplace.

Polished pebbles can be a great budget option for your landscape design, with its natural smoothness pebbles has a variety of color that you can choose. But for a real luxurious look, you can check us Nice Backyard that has a range of decorative polished pebbles which are supplied in a 20kg a bag and comes in a huge range of colors.