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Most us people want to have a great, nice and relaxing Backyard lawn that’s why people want their place Landscaped. Given the though, skill and care that goes into landscaping a garden you need to prepare to set aside between 5 and 10 percent of the total value of your home, as this is usually the amount that will cost to complete the project. Of course, what you pay depends on the complexity of the job and how much time the landscaper needs to do it. A simple garden might cost around 5 percent, while a complex project with expensive features is more likely to cost nearer the 10 percent mark. But, if you are on a real tight budget to have your own dream landscaped garden there are companies there such as Nice Backyard who have products that you can buy for your garden. You can even just buy the main products that you will be needing and using for your lawn such as Synthetic Grass, Polished Pebbles, Bamboo Panels and Garden Shed you just need to be more creative and resourceful to be able to do it.
Landscapers will often calculate your quote based on an hourly rate, it is misleading to rely on this for your job. It really does depend on the size and scale of your project. The first thing to do is to get a landscape plan – this will help landscapers accurately quote your job. When you get quotes from landscapers, tell them as much as possible about the job and what you want to achieve. They’ll then be able to prepare an accurate quote – most likely after visiting your property and meeting with you to discuss your plans.
Here are some items / common upgrades for your Lawn:

  • Patio, Driveway or Front Walk.
  • Brick, Stone (Polished Pebbles) or Concrete.
  • Retaining and seating walls.
  • Bamboo Panels for Fence.
  • Swimming pool or hot tub.
  • Fire pit or fire place (gas or wood burning).
  • Built-in grill or outdoor kitchen.
  • Front yard and back yard work planting
  • Decking Floors
  • Synthetic Grass Installation
  • Garden Sheds
  • Water Feature

As we all now, prices for landscape have a tremendous range.  Much of this is dependent upon the uniqueness of your property but also upon your tastes and desires. One great thing about landscaping is it is easy to phase work in.  You can build a patio one year and do planting the next.  With this idea and tips you can now create your own landscaped lawn.

In doing a landscape, there are things that you need to and not to do to achieve the desired landscape of your dreams. It might get a little tricky or hard but using the right ideas you might get it Correctly. There are some people also that had some questions on how to do a landscape without using a grass.
There are some ideas that you can try also if you don’t want to use a grass just like installing Synthetic Grass and a method called Xeriscaping which means landscaping and gardening that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation. So instead of using a grass what you can use in these utility areas or play is artificial grass or you can use decorative woodchips or decorative gravel and this decorative gravel can be used in different types of patterns like curve patterns, transition blend patterns and different colors of gravels do well for blending too. Also, you may want to create a large areas of ground covers for Xeriscaping  because ground covers do require a little bit of water the first year but over the long haul they don’t require as much water as a lawn does and at some point very little to no water just the natural rainfall those types of plants could be English Ivy, Mondo grass Lirio and ice plant these plants are really good low growing ground covers that will take up space without getting too large. You can use also InDesign in your Xeriscaping wide paths that narrow out to smaller paths to create pocket sort of pockets of sitting areas in pathways that form a circle over the area of your design. Those can be used as walking passing utility areas when the path becomes wider those utility areas can be sitting areas, play areas and those paths can be mulched over, graveled over or even put in some artificial grass as well. You can also use blends of sand in pockets around your landscape design. With this idea you can turn your lawn or your front yard a luxury landscaped area.
And if you don’t want Xeriscaping, you can even try just a simple landscape. By using a Synthetic Grass and Polished pebbles, this may be simple landscaping, but it still was not using a grass. You can still do the same as Xeriscaping but with the use of Synthetic Grass and Polished Pebbles. Just put a lot of effort on it and some of your great ideas then you can have your luxury dream landscaped lawn or front yard.