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Child Care Centers And Kindergartens

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Shock pads are an impact absorbing surface which is made of polyethylene pieces that are commonly used in playgrounds to prevent injuries associated with falling. Due to its excellent drainage capabilities, shock pads can also be laid on roofs or in concrete areas to stop water collecting. Used underneath artificial grass too, shock pads contribute a softer feel underfoot too.
Shock pads which is used in playgrounds and children’s play areas should have a critical fall height rating. This is the measured height from which a child can fall from equipment, head first onto the material without sustaining critical head injuries. Schools and creches often install artificial grass to give their children an outdoor play area that can be used in all weather conditions. The addition of a Shock Pad underlay will give the teachers and childcare assistants reassurance that the children are protected when they stumble, fall or jump on the ground. Impacts are absorbed on compression, creating a cushion to soften the fall and returning to its original shape once pressure is lifted. This design ensures your artificial turf will stay flat and level regardless of the number of impacts it sustain. Excellent drainage guarantees that play areas soon dry out after the rain, ensuring playtime is not restricted to sunny days. This shock pads are perfect for installations to playgrounds where safety is a priority.
Here are some other uses of Shock Pads:
Shock Pads in Garden
If your garden is used as a play area, Shock Pad can give you piece of mind that any impact from falls or bumps is minimized. It can be installed near trampolines, swing sets or play equipment. Coupled with artificial grass, your garden will be a safe, clean and hard-wearing place for everyone to enjoy.
Shock Pads in Concrete, Paving or Decking
Shock Pads can almost be installed in any surface. Installing artificial grass onto concrete, gravel, paving or decking is a popular option for many people. Having a layer of Shock Pad underlay will ensure that your new lawn feels soft and safe underfoot.
Shock Pad is also a great option for gyms and sports clubs looking for an indoor functional training area for members and players.

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