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Decks are a wonderful accessory to have for your home. They are a pleasant outdoor retreat for your home where you can relax, entertain or enjoy the afternoon sun. whether you are looking to add a deck, or you are looking to replace and update your current one, consider steering away from the wood standard and instead embrace the trend of composite decks for your home.
Composite Decking has grown in popularity over the past few years. It’s simple, no fuss option in more ways than one, which results to continue being on top as a favorite for builders. While traditional lumber holds up great against the elements, it also comes with a lot of work, sanding, cleaning, staining, and sealing. Composite Decking, on the other hand, offers the same level of protection without the annual upkeep. With many homeowners beginning to learn more about composite decking, here are the benefits that you can get when you choose composite deck:
Environmentally Friendly:
A fantastic aspect of composite decks that you will not find in most other materials is that they are environmentally friendly. Composite decks are made from recycled materials, helping to reduce the amount of waste found in landfills. And if you are an eco-minded person and wishes to help the environment, then composite decks are perfect for you.
Beautiful Aesthetics:
There is no denying that composite decks add a lovely look to your home. One of the biggest benefits of composite decks is the amount of customizability that comes along with it which allowing homeowners to pick and choose the beautiful design they want. Composite decks offer the same look and feel of wood, but with even more options and ways to give you exactly the outstanding appearance that you want.
An important factor to always consider when looking for a deck is checking the durability of the material it is made from. Composite decks are known for their magnificent durability which means that there is no need to worry about replacing or restoring composite decks.
Low Maintenance:
Along with being one of the most durable types of decks on the market, composite decks are also low maintenance.  Unlike other materials, you have no need to ever stain or paint composite decks. On occasion, composite decks do require a minor cleaning, but that is about it. Once a composite deck is installed, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy it.
Easy Installation:
Another perk of composite decks is that the installation is relatively easy. Wood decks can be a bit tricky and a hassle to install while composite decks, on the other hand, comes without the same hassle that wood decks have when it comes to installation.
While lumber always comes with the threat of a splinter or two, composite decking is completely smooth. Not only your children can walk barefoot without the fear of splinters, but composite decking is also very slip-resistant, making it a great option for children and pets.
When it comes to building costs, most people will be surprised to learn that composite decks are cheaper to build over the long run. Although they are often a little pricier at the start, composite materials cost less when maintenance and durability are factored in. But if you choose to go with pressure treated lumber, you will pay more in maintenance fees and still must replace the deck in about 10 years.
Pest Free:
When it comes to standard wood materials, homeowners are often faced with fighting off bugs. Without properly infused wood, these pests can result in wood rot, mold, unwanted growths, and other negative outcomes. Composite decking, however, is resistant to bugs and will not mold or decay over time.
Along with adding less maintenance to your life, composite decks increase your home’s value. In fact, most homeowners get back the money the put into composite decks after they sell. Not only does this mean that composite decking is cheaper to build over its lifespan, but you can also reap the rewards if you ever choose to sell your home.

We hope that with the benefits we provided helped you know more about Composite Decking. As We at Nice Backyard, supply and install Composite Decking. Just give us a call (03) 9402 6483 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Having a Deck helps improve your place to look classier and more fascinating. It’s the perfect place too to entertain friends and family during special occasions or even just a simple get together that’s why its very important to make sure that it always looks great. There’s nothing like giving your deck a through clean to bring it back to life and with the right maintenance steps it will be a pretty simple job.
Once your beautiful deck is installed, you will need to clean and maintain it to keep it looking at its best for more years to come. This will help you eliminate mildew and help you spot any problems over time and to protect your deck too. Here are some things that you need to know to clean and maintain your decks:
Merbau Decking
Step 1: Sweep away the dirt and the leaves

  • Brush the deck down using a soft broom to remove the dirt / leaves. This will help to prevent some particles from building up and damaging your deck. If the deck needs a more thorough clean, you can use a stronger brush and some water.

Step 2: Use a high-pressure cleaner / Power wash

  • Using a high-pressure cleaner / power wash will wash away any remaining dirt and make sure you carefully go over the whole deck. If you are cleaning an older deck, make sure too that the high-pressure cleaner doesn’t split or crack the wood. For your safety wear closed shoes, safety glasses and earmuffs and if you don’t have a high-pressure cleaner, a simple hose will do too.

Step 3: Use a cleaner and mix it with water

  • Use a cleaner mixture for decks and mix it with water, make sure you follow the instructions to get the correct balance. Use a measuring cup too for accuracy and mix it with water thoroughly. Make sure you wear gloves, goggles and a mask when working this as its for your safety.

Step 4: Scrub the Deck

  • Dip your Deck Scrub Broom into the bucket of cleaning mixture and start scrubbing the deck. Thoroughly scrub every part of the deck to avoid some spotting. Leave the cleaning mixture on for 10-20 mins.

Step 5: Wash it a high-pressure clean

  • After you left the cleaning mixture for more than 20 mins, wash it down with the high-pressure / power wash hose. Make sure you wash away all the cleaning mixture along with any dirt and grime. Leave the deck to dry.

Step 6: You can now enjoy your clean deck

  • After cleaning your deck, now you have a brilliantly clean deck again, all you need to do is put your outdoor furniture or BBQ back where they were before. You can also stain or oil the timber to help protect it from the elements.

Composite Decking
Step 1: Find an appropriate Deck Cleaner

  • Shop around for a composite deck cleaner and make sure it specifies for composite decking and not for wood decking. You’ll want to do this first to make sure you have everything you need before you begin cleaning. Composite cleaners are best for regular composite boards. Read the instructions on your cleaner and determine a good day when it’s not too hot to focus on your deck. You’ll need to move furniture and cover any immovable fixtures with a trap.

Step 2: Remove Debris

  • Sweep the deck to remove the debris and dirt. Check in between the boards for little twigs and other debris that like to gather there.

Step 3: Power Wash your Deck

  • Power wash / use a high-pressure cleaner to wash your deck to remove any dirt, mildew or any other stains. If you have a newer deck, the manufacturer may recommend you to simply clean it with your garden hose. Mildew stained decks but will benefit from a heavier stream of water. Power washing can also reduce the amount of time.

Step 4: Apply Cleaner

  • Apply composite decking cleaner as per manufacturer’s instructions. Alternatively, use a mixture of dish soap and water. Scrub soiled areas with a cloth or soft-bristled brush. A stiff brush may scratch or dull the finish of your decking and should not be used.

Step 5: Spot Clean and Repair

  • Don’t let the stains to pile up. Clean spills ASAP so they don’t get worse over time. Regularly sweeping your deck can help protect it from mold and keep debris to a minimum. While cleaning, look for any nails or screws that need to be secured or other issues that requires attention. Cut back foliage that is hanging over your deck to reduce debris and diminish the chance of mold growth.

Your deck is a beautiful addition to your home, providing you and your family with a space to grill and just hang out. We hope that with the steps above helped you maintained your composite and merbau deck to last long and keep it looking great ?