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1.Letterbox Supplier Melbourne:

Letterboxes are essential outdoor home accents that serve both useful and decorative purpose.  They form a small part of your home but their style and design are able to create a noticeable difference. Letterbox Supplier Melbourne are plenty but only a handful of them have unique collections.
Mailbox manufacturers must conform to standardized rules mandated by postal delivery services when designing their mailbox. There are countless letterbox options so be sure to carefully consider your needs.

2.Things to consider at Letterbox Supplier Melbourne:

  • A number of people to receive mail from this letterbox.
  • You want a curbside or wall-mount letterbox.
  • Weather conditions in which the letterbox is kept.
  • Amount of mail received in a day.


3. Choosing your letterbox:

Besides the above, you’ll have to consider others while choosing your letterbox supplier Melbourne:

  • Material: The type of material used affects the longevity of the letterbox and can be treated with special finishes to prolong its use. You can go aluminium, galvanized steel, brass, wood and plastic. Each material has its own cons and pros and it depends on you maintain them.
  • Styles: Letterbox come in different styles from Victorian style, Country style to Contemporary designs that go with building exterior. Some letterbox supplier Melbourne specializes in offering a single variety while others have got everything to choose from.
  • Features: Like locking system for the letterbox for buyers who want to ensure the security of their mails, Rear access; to retrieve mail from the box that opens from behind should be considered.

Nice Backyard ensures to cater to our client requirements and aim to create and supply durable and sustainable products with beautiful designs that you’ll be proud to own. To order or for special requirements contact us.
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