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Shock pad is a type of underlay that is often used as a base for artificial grass in schools and nurseries. Made from fused together polyethylene pieces, Shock pad is a fall cushioning substrate. It has a spongy, but firm feel which makes it perfect for use as an outdoor safety surface. Shock pads is a legal requirement in schools where high play equipment’s is used, but it is also becoming increasingly popular in back gardens as well. As the trend for bigger and better and ever more complex play structures in back gardens gathers pace, so does demand for the underlay shock pad. A climbing frame can provide hours of back garden fun for kids. Parents also want to ensure that when playing and the kids slips and falls they won’t get hurt. Shock pads also add safety from falls, increase the playability of your pitch and ensure that your artificial grass playing surface lasts longer. This helps increase the lifespan of your artificial grass if it is used as a playing surface by protecting the backing from abrasion and compaction. In addition, if your artificial grass is being used as a playing surface, a shock absorbing layer will provide a predictable bounce of the ball, and a safer more cushioned playing surface. On the other hand, installation of artificial grass can be tricky in properties with gardens that don’t have any side access. Using shock pad in these scenarios means a cleaner installation which minimizes the amount of hard landscaping material that needs to be taken though the house. While excavating the lawn will still be necessary, the installation process is quicker when shock pads is used as it replaces the need for an aggregate to be laid and compacted.



Here are the features that you might need to know about Shock Pads:

  1. The shock pad underlay is very easy to install because of light weight and easy handling. It usually takes one day to finish a standard size football field.
  2. Closed cell PE foam doesn’t absorb water; which makes the installation will not be affected by bad weather.
  3. Since edges of the shock pad underlay were cut neatly, all the joints can be easily and accurately welded.
  4. The unique design offers excellent eater drainage and avoid swelling or shrinking and thus the dimension always remains stable.
  5. Excellent shock absorption and ball rebound.
  6. It does not rot and pulverize and has the long usage life.
  7. Heavy-duty machine is no problem to move since it has a flat surface.
  8. Roll length can be tailored to the size, which reduces waste and labor force to utmost.
  9. Stable shock absorption keeps the system sports performance stable for a long time.


Here are the Benefits that you can get from Shock Pads:



Choosing the right type of shock pad for your pitch is influenced by how it performs with the chosen surface. Thee are choices of thickness, densities and materials. That’s why here at NICE BACKYARD we supply the best shock pad product that will suit for your needs. We even install and deliver Australia wide for all the customers.