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When it comes to gyms and fitness studios, it is often overlooked on the importance of fitness flooring. Gym floors take a lot of abuse, from heavy barbell plates to bouncing medicine balls, to high foot traffic volume. It’s easy to see how any unprotected fitness flooring is potentially at risk of sustaining serious damage over the course of its lifetime. Not only is a proper flooring as important as the rest of the gym’s equipment, but it’s also part of the gym’s equipment itself. In fact, some would argue that the floor is the most important part of a gym, considering that every workout is carried out on it
Fitness flooring is the largest piece of equipment in any given space. Everyone uses it and yet it’s a piece that we usually don’t give much thought to. It needs to address safety, aesthetics, acoustics, and ergonomics in order to meet the objectives of the facility team. By installing proper fitness flooring into your home or commercial gym, you will be providing a barrier for protecting your guests, customers and even yourself from unfortunate slip and fall accidents.
Reasons Rubber Flooring is important:

  • Staying injury free is the most important thing you can for your customers. All potential flooring surfaces have unique properties and attributes, each of which affects the customers in a variety of different ways. A floor with no resilience of shock absorption will transfer almost the full force of the customer’s movement back onto their limbs and joints as they move. However, a floor who has rubber flooring has very high resilience and shock absorption qualities to help relieve some of these pressures exerted by the customers. These improved floor qualities are what allows the customers to feel without any full force when doing their daily routines. This also helps customers reduced strains and away from accidents for them to be able to work out safely for longer and more frequently.


  • Having the highest quality material to train on is a step towards this improvement. Workout intensity is a huge factor for individual improvement and a rubber floor provides the optimal surface for the most intense workouts. Rubber flooring also allows for quicker acceleration, excellent shock absorption, and improved traction. Since rubber floors are so forgiving, customers/athletes can push themselves to the max without fear of injury. The improved traction offered by the rubber flooring also allows lifters to really dig deep and get the most from their lift.


  • Having a professional standard in your gym is very important, especially to prospective new clients and athletes. An abundance of sweaty people working out can make it difficult to maintain a clean lifting environment. Rubber flooring has some of the highest ratings in resilience, cleanliness, and durability out of any surface material available. Rubber mats can easily withstand the impact of dropped weights and intense workouts, time after time. Unlike some other floors that get damaged or show signs of wear, rubber mats can withstand as much use. By having a high quality and easy to maintain floor, your gym will be the go-to place for cross-trainers, weightlifters and athletes.


We hope that with the information we have helped you know the importance of the rubber flooring into a fitness studio. At Nice Backyard, we supply and install Rubber Mat Flooring just give us a call on (03) 9402 6483