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Most people who has a synthetic grass installed in their lawn have some difficulties or questions during the summer like, does the artificial grass get’s hot too during the summer? They are all concerned because this might affect their kids, pets and even themselves while stepping into the grass.
Artificial grass does get hotter than natural grass on hot, sunny days just like Summer. But, there are ways to mange this and to make your synthetic grass can get warmer than a real grass. Although the surface of the synthetic grass and the air directly above them may get hotter than natural grass, this is not like the amount of heat absorbed and radiated by some landscaping features like asphalt, driveway, and pebbles. Synthetic grass falls somewhere in the middle and does not get as hot compared to hot sand, pebbles or concrete pathways but it may not also be as cool as natural grass. Since most of us did not grow up with synthetic grass and are just becoming more familiar with it, it is very understandable that some of us would equate grass with cooler surface. But the problem and question will be solved as here are some ideas on How to keep your Synthetic Grass cooler during Hot days /Summer:

  • Cover all or part of your lawn with shade sails to block direct sunlight, reduce heat absorption and provide a shady spot to rest or play.
  • Install a retractable awning that you can open on very hot days / during summer to shade your lawn
  • Rinse your synthetic grass with a garden hose to quickly reduce the surface temperature
  • IF you need to cool off your synthetic grass quickly before guests arrive, put up a portable canopy to provide shade over the area that feels too hot.
  • If you have a sprinkler system, you can run the system for a few minutes to cool off your lawn quickly.

Also adding shade to outdoor living or entertaining areas is likely something you would do too, since most people prefer hanging out in the shade on hot summer days. But if you are still concern about your synthetic grass getting hot, you can simply make your backyard design include some shade over one or more parts of your lawn.
Additionally, synthetic turf tends to cool off quickly, so even if it warms up on a very hot day, you will notice the surface temperature immediately begin to drop as soon as shade is introduced from clouds, the sun going down or setting up a canopy or a gazebo. With this simple idea, you can enjoy your synthetic grass with your kids, pets and love ones during the Summer!