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For a lot of people, a brand-new artificial grass lawn can be a big investment. Despite the expense, you always want to make sure that you buy an artificial grass that is of high quality because if you don’t, you’ll probably realize your mistake after just a few weeks.
Some manufacturers take a shortcut in the process. And while it makes manufacturing more efficient and cost effective, quality is completely sacrificed. And the product is bad news for the customers.
Here are some points to steer clear of cheap synthetic grass when deciding on installing one:

  1. Cheap Synthetic Turf tends to fade
  • If the turf is cheap, then it was likely made from cheap, slightly inferior quality chemicals and materials. Therefore, it would not look as natural as a good quality fake turf does. For the higher-class synthetic turf, it is typically equipped with a technology that protects it from fading due to the influence of UV radiation. This technology ensures that the harmful open-air experience do not affect the synthetic grass fibers.


  1. They are not cut out for a longer lifespan
  • Since cheap fake grass is made of cheap materials, it will not last for very long. You can count on good quality faux grass to last for an average of 10 yearsor more, if it will be maintained well.


  1. Cheap kinds flatten out after a while
  • Due to its inferior structure and materials, cheap synthetic grass tends to flatten out more quickly. While a high-quality artificial turf uses a special technology to improve the grass’ pile restoration capability or its ability to spring back after being stepped on.


  1. Cheap Fake Turf requires more mending
  • We already know that even artificial grass needs some tender loving, too, but not as much as a real turf would. Maintenance is needed where you get the biggest cost savings. As mentioned, good quality fake turf does not easily fade or flatten out, so it does not need to be groomed frequently, whereas the cheaper ones do. Hence, you need to spend a bit more on the maintenance of cheap fake turf.
  1. Cheap fake grass starts losing its threads and fibers
  • Using a cheap grass can make the grass to start losing its threads. Resulting leaving rashes for kids which can be dangerous.Cheap artificial grass fibers feel harsh and have an unnatural texture.Eventually, they may shed. Shedding leads to nasty issues like bare spots and thatch. If grass fibers are not removed from the surface, they lodge among the other fibers creating drainage issues.


  1. It Leaves a bad smell
  • After using cheap grass, you will notice a bad smell on to it making it dangerous for your family’s health even for your pets.


  1. Cheap fake turf could melt
  • If your artificial grass is of poor quality, it can melt. In order to sell cheaper products, some companies will cut corners. They may use an inferior glue or not enough, which causes the backing to separate. If cheap pellets are used for infill, melting would be likely.


  1. Backing Issue
  • Low quality backing is often used to make cheap artificial grass. It is also a nightmare waiting to happen ascheap backing can split or break in places. Also, it can separate from the artificial grass itself.


  1. Cheap Artificial Grass may rub off onto clothes
  • Really cheap ones may potentially rub off their color onto clothing materials, shoes, and other items. While a high-quality artificial grass is colorfast, so you don’t have to worry about its color rubbing off onto anything.

With the information above, we hope that it helps you to buy a turf when on a tight budget. And if the supplier is offering you a warranty especially for these cheap turfs, make sure you ask for the warranty certificate or proof of warranty. If you are looking to get Synthetic Grass or any other Backyard Product, please make sure you visit