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Rubber Gym Mats are a really good way to protect your floor and your gym equipment for home gym areas as well as in professional fitness and sports facilities. Rubber gym mats are highly durable and will last for years under normal use. These gym mats made of rubber are a great choice for weight lifting floors and workout spaces where free weights are used.Rubber Gym Mats are design for continuous, high-impact action. These rubber mats are available in a variety of formats depending on the particular use, layout and permanence of the space. Rubber fitness matting is more resilient than typical rubber matting to be able to stand up to years of constant abuse from weights, aerobic exercise and heavy-duty equipment.And of course, Nice Backyard offers a wide selection of rubber gym matting options in many styles including rolls and tiles. Different thickness options provide varying amounts of gym flooring protection.
So here are How Rubber Mats made:
Building rubber mats is beneficial for the environment due to the number of used tires that are recycled during the process. There are factories which recycled up to tires each day.

  • Large piles of used tires are delivered to a washing station into the factory to knock excess dirt and grime from the tires. Large grinding wheels chop the tires into small bits of rubber, metal, nylon, and fiberglass.
  • As the rubber chunks flow along a conveyor, the metal is separated and delivered to a separate warehouse to be recycled
  • Next, other materials such as nylon and fiberglass are sifted from the rubber chunks to be disposed of. The large rubber chunks are then dumped into piles.
  • A loader then scoops up large chunks of rubber and drops the load into another shredder. This machine grinds the rubber chunks to even smaller rubber pieces, almost to a powder. The rubber powder is spread onto rubber mat molds
  • Then, the mat press cooks the mat at a very high pressure to allow the rubber to bond. Water is then poured on the mat for several minutes to cool mats.
  • The rubber mats are then sent on their way down the line to dry and be cut into the correct dimensions for warehouse use.


Whether you need a floor mat that’s highly moisture-absorbent, one that aggressively scrapes soil from footwear, or even one that reduces fatigue levels for those who stand on it, Nice Backyard is your one-stop shop for all your floor mat needs. Contact now to see their varieties of Rubber Mats ?


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