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For a lot of people, a brand-new artificial grass lawn can be a big investment. Despite the expense, you always want to make sure that you buy an artificial grass that is of high quality because if you don’t, you’ll probably realize your mistake after just a few weeks.


Some manufacturers take a shortcut in the process. And while it makes manufacturing more efficient and cost effective, quality is completely sacrificed. And the product is bad news for the customers.


Here are some points to steer clear of cheap synthetic grass when deciding on installing one:




  1. Cheap Synthetic Turf tends to fade


  1. They are not cut out for a longer lifespan


  1. Cheap kinds flatten out after a while


  1. Cheap Fake Turf requires more mending
  1. Cheap fake grass starts losing its threads and fibers


  1. It Leaves a bad smell


  1. Cheap fake turf could melt


  1. Backing Issue


  1. Cheap Artificial Grass may rub off onto clothes




With the information above, we hope that it helps you to buy a turf when on a tight budget. And if the supplier is offering you a warranty especially for these cheap turfs, make sure you ask for the warranty certificate or proof of warranty. If you are looking to get Synthetic Grass or any other Backyard Product, please make sure you visit