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If you’ve chosen a bamboo as your fencing material, you may already know that it can be long-lasting. you’ve searched and discovered that with some upkeep and maintenance, bamboo fences can look great for years to come. And questions would come asking if bamboo panels do fade, and YES, it does that’s why you need to maintain and clean them to last. At NICE BACKYARD, they supply and install Bamboo Panels, Bamboo Cleaner and Bamboo Protector to help your fence look good in the future.
Here are some helpful advice and tips for cleaning and maintaining Bamboo Panels:
Cleaning and Maintaining:
Bamboo fencing, poles and paneling are easy to install, versatile and simple to maintain. You just need to perform certain periodical tasks to maintain their appearance and quality. Whether you have a bamboo in an interior or exterior area, cleaning your bamboo as well as staining it is an important part of maintaining your fence for optimal quality.

  • When should I clean my bamboo fencing? – You should clean the bamboo as needed when showing signs of wear or debris. The frequency of cleanings depends on the conditions of the bamboo material is exposed to, exterior fencing will need more maintenance compare to the ones that was used in interior because of its exposure to weather, more extreme temperatures and the elements.
  • How can I protect my fencing from the elements? – leave a gap at the bottom of the fence and install a spacer, such as a pressure treated lumber or 2×4, between the fence and the ground to keep your bamboo at a comfortable distance from any excessive moisture. If you have foliage growing around the bottom of the bamboo fence, you should trim it regularly to prevent moisture and pests from the plants.
  • How can I maximize the lifespan of the bamboo fencing? – In addition to periodically cleaning your bamboo, sealing it is recommended for maintaining your fencing by reinforcing the material, protecting it from the elements and increasing its lifespan. Many stains also act as sealants, so you can confidently restore your bamboo’s color while sealing it for extra strength. And make sure to clean beforehand.

How to restore the bamboo panels natural color?
As a natural, attractive, affordable addition to your home or business, your bamboo fence or paneling enhances your property and adds a tropical flair. Stain will keep it looking and feeling fresh and new for years. With its sealant properties and rich, natural shades, bamboo stain will accentuate your bamboo’s original color and bring out its shine for an enhanced, bright, beautiful appearance.
Bamboo Stains provide an option to customize or change your bamboo’s appearance and the color dramatically – as well as to reinforce your bamboo’s strength, protect it against the elements, restore a rich, replenished shade of color and sometimes add a slightly different tone to lighter bamboo. With your stained applied properly, you’ll be delighted with the strong performance, enhanced aesthetic and natural, restored bamboo color.

We do hope that with this information we helped you in how to clean and maintain your Bamboo Panels so that it will last for years to come. ?


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