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Bamboo fencing is renowned as an environmentally friendly and attractive option. It is an excellent option for fencing and construction. If you have chosen the Bamboo as your fencing material, you already know it can be a long-lasting. You’ve done your homework and discovered that with some upkeep and maintenance, bamboo fences can look good for years to come.
Bamboo fences are long lasting and durable. They require minimal maintenance and care. You can achieve a naturally aesthetic and exotic look around your home by installing a bamboo fence which you can purchase at Nice Backyard. It is also usable in a variety of climatic conditions. It is resistant to excessive heat, ultraviolet rays, rain and snow. It will also reduce pollution because it absorbs carbon dioxide and other toxic gases.
How to Maintain your Bamboo Fences:
Maintenance varies depending on how you installed your bamboo fence.

  • If you attached it to an existing chain link fence to cut down on labor, do a yearly check on the fasteners to make sure they are tight. Tighten or replace them as needed.
  • If you affixed your bamboo fence to posts, check the posts every year to ensure they are securely planted in the ground. Rain, animals, kids and high winds can loosen the posts, so pack more dirt around the base or pour in some cement to eliminate air pockets.
  • If the bamboo fence was adhered by metal brackets, check for rust or any corrosion. If you see any corrosion, simply grab a wire brush, this should brush away easily. Treat the brackets with a bit of lubricant.
  • Sometimes poles settle into the ground. If the bamboo fence is now touching the ground, you’ll want to inch it up a bit. The less contact it has with the soil, the better.
  • After your inspection of the bamboo fence, you’ll want to examine the condition of the bamboo itself.  If you didn’t stain or seal the fence upon installation, you’ll want to do that now.
  • Natural bamboo has a waxy outer layer that may fade when exposed to the elements. When this happens, you can add sealant to bring your bamboo back to life. If you’d like, before you install a bamboo fence, you can also lightly sand and stain it with a finish of your choice for a beautiful look.

By regularly maintaining bamboo fences, you will lengthen its life and keep it intact for years to come.  Our goal from Nice Backyard is to help you get the most benefit out of the Eco-friendly and dollar-saving fencing material.

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  • Bamboo Panel
  • Measuring tape and marker
  • Power Drill and Drill Bits
  • Selective Screws
  • Power Saws
  • Air Staple Gun


  1. Post and Rail Fence Setup
  • Batons are required to be put in place between the posts for the Bamboo panels to sit flush. Measure your fence, mark your batons & cut to size.

Paling fence setup

  • You can place the Bamboo panels directly onto the fence as there is no baton required and the Bamboo panels will sit flush against the fence.
  1. Pre-Drill the Bamboo panel first & then secure it to the fence using selective screws. This will prevent the Bamboo panel from possible splits & cracks.

(For the more professional look, you can hide the screw by pre-drilling & fixing your screw in between the stitching of the Bamboo panel.)

  1. Place the Bamboo panels into the position & attach them to the fence using the pre-drill method.
  2. Trimming a Bamboo Panel
  • Measure the fence gap & mark out the areas to be cut on the Bamboo panel. Cut through the stitching & backing support of the Bamboo panel & re-tie any loose stitching.




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Most us people want to have a great, nice and relaxing Backyard lawn that’s why people want their place Landscaped. Given the though, skill and care that goes into landscaping a garden you need to prepare to set aside between 5 and 10 percent of the total value of your home, as this is usually the amount that will cost to complete the project. Of course, what you pay depends on the complexity of the job and how much time the landscaper needs to do it. A simple garden might cost around 5 percent, while a complex project with expensive features is more likely to cost nearer the 10 percent mark. But, if you are on a real tight budget to have your own dream landscaped garden there are companies there such as Nice Backyard who have products that you can buy for your garden. You can even just buy the main products that you will be needing and using for your lawn such as Synthetic Grass, Polished Pebbles, Bamboo Panels and Garden Shed you just need to be more creative and resourceful to be able to do it.
Landscapers will often calculate your quote based on an hourly rate, it is misleading to rely on this for your job. It really does depend on the size and scale of your project. The first thing to do is to get a landscape plan – this will help landscapers accurately quote your job. When you get quotes from landscapers, tell them as much as possible about the job and what you want to achieve. They’ll then be able to prepare an accurate quote – most likely after visiting your property and meeting with you to discuss your plans.
Here are some items / common upgrades for your Lawn:

  • Patio, Driveway or Front Walk.
  • Brick, Stone (Polished Pebbles) or Concrete.
  • Retaining and seating walls.
  • Bamboo Panels for Fence.
  • Swimming pool or hot tub.
  • Fire pit or fire place (gas or wood burning).
  • Built-in grill or outdoor kitchen.
  • Front yard and back yard work planting
  • Decking Floors
  • Synthetic Grass Installation
  • Garden Sheds
  • Water Feature

As we all now, prices for landscape have a tremendous range.  Much of this is dependent upon the uniqueness of your property but also upon your tastes and desires. One great thing about landscaping is it is easy to phase work in.  You can build a patio one year and do planting the next.  With this idea and tips you can now create your own landscaped lawn.

Most people who have backyard lawns wants to upgrade their place specially when Summer Days are coming. Lots of people are wondering and asking what if they install a backyard pool? Is it going to be worth it? While this decision seems refreshingly simple, adding an attractive nuisance to your yard could be costlier than you think.
The perks of owning a swimming pool are readily apparent. With your own pool, you can take a relaxing dip whenever you want, use swimming as your daily exercise to keep in shape, host amazing pool and summer parties and so much more. There are many downsides to owning a pool, with cost and ongoing maintenance being chief among them.
Here are some ideas that you might need to decide if having a pool is worth it:

  1. Total cost of Ownership
  • You will be starting the cost of pool itself, which is dependent on the style and features you want. Then that’s the time you consider sorting the financing you will need and how much it adds to your outlay. You might also need Synthetic Grass around the pool to make it look nicer, Bamboo Panels for your fence for privacy and decoration, a Garden shed to hide the pool motor and other equipment’s. And finally, the ongoing cost (in both time and money) of maintaining the pool
  1. How pool-friendly is the weather in your area?
  • Unless if you are contemplating an indoor pool, the next key piece of information is the number of days you can use a pool based on the climate of your area. Of course, you don’t want to go swimming on cold days and your pool might just turned into a giant block of ice therefore wasting the money that you put into installing the pool.
  1. How much value would you get out of a pool?
  • Quantifying the benefits, you and your family would get from a pool is practically impossible, but it’s important to think about nonetheless. Consider how many people would use the pool, how often they would likely use it, of course you need to be realistic about and what the benefits are to everyone.
  1. What if things change?
  • A lot can change over the life of a pool. The kids will grow older, becoming progressively less interested in doing cannonballs into the pool, and ultimately moving out. While you can’t know the future, think about the likelihood that a change in circumstances could impact the value you get from owning a pool.

But if you still want and insist of having a Backyard pool, here are some tips in Keeping your Backyard Pool Safe:

  • Teach kids basic water safety
  • Keep children away from pool drains, pipes and other openings to avoid entrapments
  • Always have a portable telephone close by when you or your family are using a pool or spa
  • Share safety instructions with family, friends and neighbors
  • Post safety numbers around pool area where they can be seen

Owning a pool can easily provide a lifetime memory and being a prepared pool owner can go a long way towards preventing a tragedy. That’s why its highly recommended that you need to set up your pool and backyard properly for safety as well as having a well-structured personal insurance plan in place. And the decision of having a backyard pool being worth it will be and always up to you. With this ideas and tips hope you will learn a lot whether having a pool is worth it or not, and at Nice Backyard we sell various products that go great along with pool including Synthetic Grass, Bamboo Panels, Garden Sheds and much more.

Be it fencing, partition or sunshade, bamboo panels for backyard are an ideal way to achieve all of the purposes. Bamboo panels don’t just do their basic function but also add up as a great attraction to your backyard and frontyard. Recently, they have been really popular in Melbourne region and can easily be spotted in most of the backyards serving one purpose or the other