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If you are looking for one of the best brands of artificial synthetic grass for your home and garden, there are different kinds of options that you can choose from. There are some tips and guidelines that you must follow that can ensure and help you choose the right grass synthetic perfect for what you need.




You do not need to rush on buying artificial grass, you need to do some research first. Surveying the area where you want to install the grass, you need to see and check beforehand if your area is used by a lot of people if it’s in the shade or in the direct heat of the sun, or if it’s frequently played or walked on by kids and pets. Most professional turf installers will provide you with the information that you might need to know about their products.




Usually, artificial synthetic grass is made of polyethylene, polypropylene, or nylon. They are used to make a good quality of cheap synthetic grass that is commonly used in recreational lawns. Polyethene is a commonly used material due to its durability. Is also known because of its softness. Polypropylene is also used to manufacture synthetic grass for landscapes. While making a purchase of synthetic grass always make sure that you need to go for a cost-effective option that will surely suit the needs of your lawn.




Synthetic grass that has a high density is more durable and will keep the grass looking the same throughout the whole year. Artificial Grass pile density plays a vital role in both performance and aesthetics. The perfect density height to install synthetic grass for your front and back lawn is the 40mm synthetic grass, it is best for outdoor spaces as well.




Keeping your synthetic grass pristine and looking amazing, infill adds and plays an important role. Placed between the blades of the synthetic grass, the infill’s purpose is to help the grass be in its upright position after exposure to pressure. Infills are made from assorted silica sand and crumb rubber, a lot of benefits come with when you buy synthetic grass turf infused with infills. It helps and adds a cushion feel-like effect to the grass and helps protect the paws and feet that will walk on it. It also helps protect the grass from the damage caused by the sun and makes it more natural and authentic compared to real grass.




Upon purchasing synthetic grass, always make sure that it’s a free-toxic material. Don’t forget to check the brand and label of the product as well. Always take care of your synthetic grass makes it safe for your family and pets that will be using it.




If you install the turf directly into the soil without any base, it will most likely end up with wrinkles and dimples. To ensure sturdiness and durability, it is highly recommended to have a sub-base installation before adding the synthetic grass. It is the strong foundation for your artificial grass and it also needs to consist of the right material to make sure that the proper drainage will be working when the grass and sub=base are installed.


Whenever you prepare a safe playground for your kids, planning is the most important. In an area where children mostly spend time in, safety and durability of the ground is the very top concern. Artificial turf grass, it’s one of the best simple solutions that will surely make playtime safe for children even for pets.


Artificial turf grass also gives you countless benefits for your play area project, since it’s a non-toxic product it is also very pleasing and soft to touch. Here are some of the reasons why synthetic turf grass is the best to use as a surface in your area:


Synthetic grass is play-safe


Safety is very important when it comes to playtime. Luckily, turf grass gives you a friendly-looking surface. Since its made with realistic but incredible soft grass blades and some rubber-crumb infill, it is safe to say that artificial turf is quite bouncy and soft which prevents children from getting injuries while playing rough.


Avoid chemicals and pests


We all know that real grass is a healthy playground for children but it’s not the case here. Natural grass requires chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides. Synthetic grass, it’s mixed both non-toxic and eco-friendly since it doesn’t require some chemicals for maintenance.


Synthetic grass withstands a hard and rough play


We all know that kids are not known for being and having a delicate touch. Having real natural grass means that it could tear up and makes a mess on the lawn. The good thing with Synthetic grass is a highly durable product it can withstand any hard play caused by the children and definitely, they will have a hard time wrecking it while they’re horsing around.


Keeping the kids clean


Using and having real grass, can cause a different type of problems for the kids. They might get allergies from the real grass and suffer some reactions while playing around and from lawn trimmings. Kids are subject to getting muddy shoes and grass stains as well as problems that are out of the question when you have artificial turf grass.


Synthetic Grass is always GREEN


With artificial turf, your play area will always continue looking fresh, looks new, and maintenance-free all year. Your playground will always stay GREEN throughout the season and still, it won’t fade or stain compared to real grass.


To conclude everything in this Blog, we must say that Artificial Turf Grass is indeed the Best Playground Surface for your Kids and Pets.


Having and owning a garden deck has become very popular these days and due to its popularity,

different types of materials are now available for consumers to choose from.


A lot of homeowners usually pick hardwood decking boards when they are planning for a new deck on their home. However, there are still other options in which you can create a beautiful deck for your home like the composite decking which is for us here at Nice Backyard and is the best choice for homeowners and builders alike.


In this Blog, you will know the simple comparison between composite decking and hardwood decking.


Hardwood Decking:


A lot of people are choosing hardwood decking because of its natural beauty. It isn’t until they installed it that they came to a realization of how much work it is to maintain its appearance. Timber decking requires an oil treatment from time to time due to its sensitivity to moisture absorption. Most deck installers would also recommend keeping it oiled twice a year to keep its natural beauty, we wouldn’t want to look our timber decking look dull and ugly right?


In case and in the future, you have a stain on your timber decking, you’ll be starting the process all over again. You’ll also need to stop or clean the stain as soon as possible to stop the timber deck from turning into a patchy-like color. Staining is hard to get the consistency of its color and weather at different rates hence the requirement of more maintenance to keep the timber deck looking good and nice.


When choosing the suitable material to fasten the timber boards together, you must consider many things. Choosing the right nail or screw to attach the decks together is very important as well.



Composite Decking:


Composite decking is now becoming the leading choice for most installers, homeowners, and builders for so many reasons. As you must know, composite decking is produced from recycled polyethylene and wood fibers. Therefore, it’s an environmentally friendly decking material one good reason for its growth in popularity. Composite decking also has and offers non-slip, low maintenance, and a splinter-free perfect for kids and pets.


Composite decking uses Decking Clips to fasten the boards together simply to remove the dull-looking appearance caused by the nails or screws. The materials of this type of decking are color-fast, meaning they keep their beauty much longer compared to timber. Comparing its price range to timber, you will surely be pleasantly surprised at how it can be a more cost-effective decking alternative once installed.



For further information on how to make and create a beautiful outdoor living space for your family, you can visit our website: and our deck professional will provide you with the information you need to get the job started. We supply and install.

Artificial Vertical Gardens is a great way to bring some green around you and, on your home, even if it’s minimal space. Artificial Vertical gardens are an alternative way to get some green look effect without any maintenance.

One thing that you should know about Artificial Vertical is that it’s a replica of a living real plant’s wall panels, it is made of a premium PE material. In order for these green wall panels to last more, the manufacturers add some UV protection or fire-retardant additive.

Here are some good 5 reasons why you should have an Artificial Vertical Garden:

1. First Benefit

You don’t need to water these plants nor worry about giving them maintenance or thinking if it’s going to wilt. Artificial Vertical has low maintenance in the sense that you don’t need to worry about how to keep them fresh all the time and their fullest green color to last. It’s Artificial, so it doesn’t grow, which means that there will be no concern that they will overgrow as years passed by.

2. Second Benefit

Artificial Gardens are designed and tend to last, which means that you can admire the plants all year round. They are sometimes deemed as better compared to the real plants in the sense that these plants will always look and make the area aesthetically pleasing and remains consistent on its appearance.

3. Third Benefit

Having a Vertical Artificial Garden can also mean that you can save space in your backyard or create a garden area in which you didn’t think that it’s even possible. This is a good reason why you should think about installing one because it can be easily adjusted to fit in any space on your lawn/home. You can cut them easily into the size or shape that your space needs with ease and hassle-free.

4. Fourth Benefit

Artificial Vertical Garden helps enhance any room or outdoor space. It helps improve the beauty of your lawn or garden by adding variety, structure, and some colors. Other vertical structures like the pergolas and gazebos can help increase and create an aesthetic look. Vertical Garden Structure’s unique style and designs, it helps bring a room to life.

5. Fifth Benefit

Artificial Vertical is very easy to set up and is very durable too. For its maintenance, cleaning them with a damp cloth is its way. It also provides a consistency of coverage in which you cannot obtain from the real natural plants. They can be installed about anywhere in your home, they don’t require UV lighting, so you don’t need to worry about installing or placing them in a place that gets too much or little lighting.

At Nice Backyard, we supply the highest, best, and good quality of Artificial Gardens, Hedge Panels, Green Walls, Artificial Grass, and Artificial Plants

We all love to spend some good quality with our families, celebrating small occasions, get-togethers. Especially today that we are experiencing the Pandemic. We all want to be practical these days when it comes to celebrating occasions. That’s why doing it in our backyard is much efficient.


Nowadays, celebrating with fireworks on your lawn could end up causing serious damage to your artificial lawn and, of course, your bank balance. It is much advisable that want to have your own party celebration you could do Bonfire Night, but in doing this you need to take some safety measures to ensure that your family, pets, property, and your artificial lawn will not be in danger. Several homeowners have switched their lawns from real to artificial turf grass and if you are one of those, you will need to be mindful of the damages that may have been done to your lawn during your own celebration. Do remember that the fire from the fireworks can easily travel in any direction once it is lit, regardless of how you try to stabilize the fire it may still end up landing on your lawn and causing the grass fibers to melt and damage more than you can imagine.



Here are some tips that you can do on your Lawn during your Bonfire Night:


  1. Do it in a concreted area – If you’re looking to maintain your artificial grass, doing the fireworks and bonfire should be set off on alternative areas such as those covered by concrete. Just remember to keep the fire well away from the lawn.


  1. Look for a display in your local area – There are plenty of public firework displays that offer around bonfire night that could provide an evening of fun for your whole family. Check out your local or do a quick Google search to find a display that suits you. You may be surprised at how much fun the night can be without the added pressure of setting off your own fireworks on the lawn.


  1. Do not position your bonfire near your artificial grass – To prevent long-lasting damage on your artificial grass, do remember to maintain any type of fire away from your lawn. It would be a shame on your end to cause any melted patches on your lawn as we all know it. That’s why Homeowners should know the Dos and Don’ts about Synthetic Artificial Turf Grass.


  1. Keep the sparklers away from your artificial turf grass – Bonfire night wouldn’t be the same without using some good old sparklers to celebrate with. Sparklers is a type of hand-held firework that burns slowly while emitting colored flames, sparks, and other effects which makes the celebration more exciting but even the burnt-out metal rods of the sparklers remain hot, enough to make the fibers of your artificial grass melt for several minutes.


  1. Create a fun lighting display – If you’re having a bonfire party, you can decorate your home with some lanterns and firework-like ornaments. Thin out of the box, do some glittery, reflective objects that will give a real sense of sparkle to your interior space. As well as offering a cheap alternative to fireworks, this method is totally safe and easy to pull off.



Always remember that there’s more to bonfire night than fireworks. Let’s be all cautious and stay safe!

A Friendly Reminder from Nice Backyard.

Skunks are cute little creatures. They are the last guests that you would want to entertain on your artificial grass lawn. If something starts to startle or annoys them either if it’s your kids, dog, or something else their natural response is to spray immediately. They can launch an infamous spray as quickly as they can and as far as 10 feet, and we all know that the smell from them is awful. With that, our questions and thoughts will pop-up like, what if it gets on the artificial grass? Will the lawn be doomed to stink forever? Thankfully, the answer to these questions will be NO. There are some steps you can take to clean the turf successfully and sanitize your artificial turf grass.


Skunks are very shy creatures by nature, and they are usually nocturnal, coming out around at dawn to eat some insects, plants, mice, and more. They usually spray their odors during their mating season which occurs in January and March. And when the skunks are frightened, they automatically spray and leave behind an odor that would make it very hard to remove on your artificial turf lawn. With that, surely no one wants to sit outside when that smell is persisting all over the place or on your grass. Thankfully, removing a skunk odor on your artificial turf grass does not require any hassle job. You can be able to get rid of the odor with some items that you can get and use from your home. As a matter of fact, there are already products that were designed in removing skunk’s odor from artificial turf grass easier.


Follow these steps to help secure your home and practice some skunk-free resistance:

  • Close any holes, vents, and more that might provide access to beneath your home, deck, or shed. Also, look for any evidence of digging as well, as skunks have long nails that help them dig. But if you think that you already have a skunk at home, you might need to call a professional wildlife remover asap.
  • Crosscheck and make sure that your garbage can have a very tight lid.
  • DO NOT feed your pets outside they might smell it more or less get attracted from the food you gave to your pets.
  • Take in pet water at night.


And a friendly reminder from the Nice Backyard Team, always keeps that de-skunking recipe very handy. With that it can definitely help you be prepared for their mating season when January rolls and hopefully, you won’t have to worry about having that funky odor from them out on your artificial turf grass.

Relaxing around the pool in the summer season or any season is a great way to relax and enjoy even if you are just at home. Choosing what type of landscaping you want for the surrounding area on your pool is something that will always look astonished, safe, and will last for a long time is what you will want. Artificial grass is a good natural addition to the landscape around the pool area for many reasons. It offers excellent drainage, it is a non-slip perfect for the kids and other family members, keeping them away from accidents, and most importantly it’s very durable. That’s why artificial grass is a great alternative that you might want to consider.
Once you finished and completed the design that you want for your new backyard, it can quickly change and turn your attention into landscaping. No matter what’s the size of your yard area, you definitely can still enjoy your pool even if it’s just a smaller or larger area. Lots of people cannot really see the difference between artificial grass and natural grass without checking it thoroughly. Moreover, before you go ahead and book your artificial grass installation for your poolside area, it is very important that you take some consideration of its benefits and develop a great plan on how you’ll be using it strategically in your yard area.
Synthetic Grass has great drainage:
One of the great benefits of artificial grass that it has is that it drains thoroughly and completely. Meaning that even after your kid plays along such as getting in and out on the pool, there won’t be any puddles or mud that will form in the grass. Artificial turf grass will surely stay where it’s installed because it doesn’t need any further maintenance unlike having the real grass on your lawn.
Synthetic Grass is a Non-slip:
Synthetic Grass is totally safe and has a non-slip surface, which makes it perfect to use around a pool area. Having a non-slip surface is critical around pool areas, which is very dangerous for kids and your other family member when enjoying the pool.
Synthetic Grass is very durable:
Another benefit of synthetic grass that it has is that it stands up very well to the summer heat season. It will not break down like carpeting whenever it gets wet with rain or even water from your pool. The UV Rays and other elements will not stand up even for the indoor and outdoor carpet, it will still be intact just like the synthetic grass.
Synthetic Grass offers a great look and astounding outcome:
Getting your pool area done should be the most attractive area in your backyard. Synthetic grass will definitely make an outrageous and beautiful outcome to the pool water. It gives the vision as if you are in a resort and will still look fantastic all the time. Synthetic grass can be maintained easily. Without the need for mowing, fertilizing, cutting the trim ends, and more, it will leave you to still enjoy your poolside more freely.

At Nice Backyard, we can help you save yourself from all the extra and hassle time you might get by wasting maintaining natural grass. It’s time that you switch and use synthetic grass which you will never be sorry for as it will always look good no matter what.

When you decided to install and use artificial grass for your lawn area, the fact that it needs a little maintenance is surely going to be one of the plus points in its favor and so are yours. However, you may not be 100 percent sure about how this grass will be suitable once it’s installed and when it rains heavily, but if it is a high-quality artificial turf surely perfect to use in any type of weather. Even if the rain is heavily pouring down for days or so, it can assure you that it is not going to cause any problems in your garden if you fully understand the basics.
Synthetic grass is not only good for the summer season, but synthetic grass is also perfect even for the rainy season as well. When you put money into a high-quality turfgrass and have the right infill materials, even a heavy rain day won’t damage your turf. Natural or Synthetic, any turfgrass can benefit from it and that can wash away any accumulated dust and dirt, leaving your turf grass even cleaner, greener, and more looking good. You can DIY this during dry weather by simply using the hose to give your turfgrass a good refreshing rinse. With this attribute, it is one good reason why so many homeowners choose to install artificial grass around their pools, lawn, backyard, front yard, park areas, and more because we all know that it’s both prettier and safer.
Here are some tips that you might need to know to keep your artificial turf grass looking great even when it rains:
Get the Drainage in the Right Way

  • The amazing benefit of synthetic grass is that it offers great drainage even if the weather is wet and dry for a long period of the day. To make sure that you are making the most of the drainage offered by the synthetic grass, you might need to start by making it sure and placing it in the right way or position. This is a type of job that you can do on your own, or you can simply call the guys who installed your synthetic grass for an easier job.

Have the Rain Cleanse It

  • In this way, you are allowing the rain to wash and cleanse your synthetic grass whenever it pours down. This is a perfect way in keeping your lawn looking perfect without doing anything in terms of maintaining your turfgrass.

Brush It Upward If Necessary

  • Brushing your artificial turf with a power brush in an upward position will ensure that it does not end up tangled or twisted over time and that the infill will not get flatten down. Just make sure and double-check for any flattened patches and if so, make sure to fix them as soon as possible.

Remove the Soggy things that Get Stuck

  • If there is anything that was left out on the turfgrass during the rain, then there is a probability that it will become soggy and ends up sticking into the lawn. This can happen with some bits of food, some pieces of cardboard, or anything that lays on the turf during heavy rain and then was forgotten that it was there for a time being. In other cases, rubbish can simply be lifted from the lawn and disposed of it asap without any hassle, even if it becomes too soggy. However, it might be a great help and idea to use a blunt knife or some tool that can help you remove or pick up the object properly.


At Nice Backyard, we will ensure you that your lawn will remain perfect amidst the upcoming rainy seasons. We will help you get your turf back on track and making it look good without any hassle on your end.

Everybody needs and wants to have an alone-time in their garden or yard that is surrounded by fresh air and some light. Nothing can be able to stop you from having this kind of moment in your life even if it is being a disability or being old. Proper planning and renovation can make anything accessible. Natural grass has various disadvantages for wheelchair users and people who are having a hard time walking, and it is not quite a suitable option for wheelchair users. Therefore, synthetic grass is becoming popular these days as a replacement, and it has become a favorable choice to use for some outdoor spaces.
According to statistics, there are about 4.4% of individuals in Australia with a disability use wheelchair, and over 4.4 million people have other disabilities. Among these, about 44.5% of individuals with disabilities are aged 65 and over. Therefore, it is quite needed to have and own a wheelchair. Having user-friendly lawns and gardens is necessary as well so outdoor activities are accessible to everyone equally. With this result, synthetic grass is becoming a likable alternative compare to natural grass for people with mobility difficulties.
Here are some of the reasons you might need to know why it is such a good choice and perfect for outdoor spaces not only for wheelchair users but also for those who use a cane or a walker in installing and using of Synthetic Grass:

  • Synthetic grass does not need any mowing, weeding, or watering as it will keep its healthy appearance regardless of the season.
  • Synthetic grass needs an initial outlay, as some savings needs to be done in the long-term since it requires a little maintenance.
  • Professional synthetic grass installers will make sure that the grass and area are leveled before installing the artificial turf, which helps reduce the hazards like tripping and it helps provide a smooth surface as well for wheelchair users.
  • Synthetic grass is sturdy, so it can withstand frequent use including wheelchair use.
  • Synthetic grass is like a carpet, it gives a smooth surface that is good to glide across.
  • Synthetic grass requires virtually no upkeep, turf installers can become more creative with their design when installing turf, this includes designing some areas with the use of containers or add some raised flower beds which will be more accessible for users of wheelchairs and also for those who are passionate gardeners.

Along with using synthetic grass for wheelchairs, you can also add some more features to make mobility even look better and easier. Here are a few design changes you might consider with synthetic grass for making your yard more wheelchair-friendly:
Ramps – If your garden has one or more different kinds of levels on the lawn, you might consider installing or adding some ramps with handrails, so that the garden can be accessible.
Seating Area – If one of your family members is using a stick, walker, or crane, you might need to make sure that there is enough seating area in the garden so that there will be some areas of places to sit around during rest breaks.
Ponds – Garden ponds are difficult to maintain, a water feature is a good alternative and is not only beautiful, but you can also enjoy the soothing sound of moving water for relaxation.
Paths – Garden paths should be at least one meter wide for wheelchair users and needs to include enough space for turning.

Proper planning and renovation can make anything accessible. That’s why if you are worried that your lawn area is not safe for a wheelchair, then you should opt for artificial or synthetic turf is at Nice Backyard we offer these services, from supplying the products to installing them and making sure that you and your family can enjoy your new and enhanced lawn front and backyard area.

Synthetic Grass is a very durable, and long-lasting landscaping option that beautifies your yard that provides an ideal for outdoor living. Artificial turfs can be used and installed for the front yard, backyard lawns, swimming poolside areas, play areas, pet runs, sports courts, and more. Synthetic grass makes it a good choice for yard improvements that can vary in different styles and designs. With its natural look and feels, this makes it a choice for most homeowners since it is quickly growing in popularity nowadays.
Synthetic Turf is made and designed to last for a couple of years. It is durable enough to withstand other issues that would quickly damage the natural grass lawn. Usually, owners of synthetic grass will never need to worry about repairing the lawns, as if the artificial turf is damaged it can be repaired as soon as possible. Repairing the turfs, it has a step by step process. To do so, it involves pulling out the damaged area on the turf, preparing the area to put the new patch, install the new patch, and replace the infill. Working with a professional synthetic grass installer to fix the turf, they will see to it that the closest match of the turf will be available to use for the repair. However, this means that it is important and a good idea to keep some of the leftover synthetic grass that was used before for future needs.
Here are some of the information that you might need to know how to repair the synthetic grass:

  1. Flattened your Artificial Turf

– Placing any heavy loads and adding pressure on the synthetic grass will cause it to flatten over time. This kind of fixing process can be done by DIY. With a help of the power brush and brushing the turf, it will get the fibers back into its original upright position. You can also do this process DIY, or you can always can in an expert to help brush the turf fibers.

  1. Loose Sections

– Losing the fits usually is the result of not installing the synthetic grass properly during the job. With the use of an adhesive, the heavy-duty one will surely work when it comes to fixing the loose seams on the turf. You can also add synthetic grass pins or landscape staples to secure the seams as an alternative option

  1. Patching up the Ripped Sections

– Having sharp or pointed objects around your synthetic grass lawn will result in getting your turf with rips and tears on it. Just like fixing the loose sections on the turf, the ripped sections can be easily patched up together by using some adhesives or turf pins, with this it will look flawless and good as new afterward.

  1. Replacing the Damaged Sections

– Damaged by harsh chemicals or heat-related damage is permanent. The best way to fix it is by simply cutting out the damaged piece and replacing it with a new one. Finding and getting the exact match for the synthetic grass can sometimes be a little difficult, with the same type and color it can be challenging to some. Therefore, it is always important and a good idea to save the leftovers of the synthetic grass after the installation job. With the leftovers, it can be used for some of the repairs later. However, if you don’t have some of the leftovers from the installation, the repair team can help in finding a new patch that will be the closest match to your existing grass as there are some of it available in the market.
You can always repair your artificial grass by yourself, although it is not quite recommended. For the best results, it is always well-advised that you bring in some professional help. At Nice Backyard, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians who will attend to any repair works needed for your synthetic turf and is sure to install new synthetic grass as well.