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Everybody needs and wants to have an alone-time in their garden or yard that is surrounded by fresh air and some light. Nothing can be able to stop you from having this kind of moment in your life even if it is being a disability or being old. Proper planning and renovation can make anything accessible. Natural grass has various disadvantages for wheelchair users and people who are having a hard time walking, and it is not quite a suitable option for wheelchair users. Therefore, synthetic grass is becoming popular these days as a replacement, and it has become a favorable choice to use for some outdoor spaces.


According to statistics, there are about 4.4% of individuals in Australia with a disability use wheelchair, and over 4.4 million people have other disabilities. Among these, about 44.5% of individuals with disabilities are aged 65 and over. Therefore, it is quite needed to have and own a wheelchair. Having user-friendly lawns and gardens is necessary as well so outdoor activities are accessible to everyone equally. With this result, synthetic grass is becoming a likable alternative compare to natural grass for people with mobility difficulties.


Here are some of the reasons you might need to know why it is such a good choice and perfect for outdoor spaces not only for wheelchair users but also for those who use a cane or a walker in installing and using of Synthetic Grass:



Along with using synthetic grass for wheelchairs, you can also add some more features to make mobility even look better and easier. Here are a few design changes you might consider with synthetic grass for making your yard more wheelchair-friendly:


Ramps – If your garden has one or more different kinds of levels on the lawn, you might consider installing or adding some ramps with handrails, so that the garden can be accessible.

Seating Area – If one of your family members is using a stick, walker, or crane, you might need to make sure that there is enough seating area in the garden so that there will be some areas of places to sit around during rest breaks.

Ponds – Garden ponds are difficult to maintain, a water feature is a good alternative and is not only beautiful, but you can also enjoy the soothing sound of moving water for relaxation.

Paths – Garden paths should be at least one meter wide for wheelchair users and needs to include enough space for turning.



Proper planning and renovation can make anything accessible. That’s why if you are worried that your lawn area is not safe for a wheelchair, then you should opt for artificial or synthetic turf is at Nice Backyard we offer these services, from supplying the products to installing them and making sure that you and your family can enjoy your new and enhanced lawn front and backyard area.

Synthetic Grass is a very durable, and long-lasting landscaping option that beautifies your yard that provides an ideal for outdoor living. Artificial turfs can be used and installed for the front yard, backyard lawns, swimming poolside areas, play areas, pet runs, sports courts, and more. Synthetic grass makes it a good choice for yard improvements that can vary in different styles and designs. With its natural look and feels, this makes it a choice for most homeowners since it is quickly growing in popularity nowadays.



Synthetic Turf is made and designed to last for a couple of years. It is durable enough to withstand other issues that would quickly damage the natural grass lawn. Usually, owners of synthetic grass will never need to worry about repairing the lawns, as if the artificial turf is damaged it can be repaired as soon as possible. Repairing the turfs, it has a step by step process. To do so, it involves pulling out the damaged area on the turf, preparing the area to put the new patch, install the new patch, and replace the infill. Working with a professional synthetic grass installer to fix the turf, they will see to it that the closest match of the turf will be available to use for the repair. However, this means that it is important and a good idea to keep some of the leftover synthetic grass that was used before for future needs.



Here are some of the information that you might need to know how to repair the synthetic grass:


  1. Flattened your Artificial Turf


– Placing any heavy loads and adding pressure on the synthetic grass will cause it to flatten over time. This kind of fixing process can be done by DIY. With a help of the power brush and brushing the turf, it will get the fibers back into its original upright position. You can also do this process DIY, or you can always can in an expert to help brush the turf fibers.


  1. Loose Sections


– Losing the fits usually is the result of not installing the synthetic grass properly during the job. With the use of an adhesive, the heavy-duty one will surely work when it comes to fixing the loose seams on the turf. You can also add synthetic grass pins or landscape staples to secure the seams as an alternative option


  1. Patching up the Ripped Sections


– Having sharp or pointed objects around your synthetic grass lawn will result in getting your turf with rips and tears on it. Just like fixing the loose sections on the turf, the ripped sections can be easily patched up together by using some adhesives or turf pins, with this it will look flawless and good as new afterward.


  1. Replacing the Damaged Sections


– Damaged by harsh chemicals or heat-related damage is permanent. The best way to fix it is by simply cutting out the damaged piece and replacing it with a new one. Finding and getting the exact match for the synthetic grass can sometimes be a little difficult, with the same type and color it can be challenging to some. Therefore, it is always important and a good idea to save the leftovers of the synthetic grass after the installation job. With the leftovers, it can be used for some of the repairs later. However, if you don’t have some of the leftovers from the installation, the repair team can help in finding a new patch that will be the closest match to your existing grass as there are some of it available in the market.




You can always repair your artificial grass by yourself, although it is not quite recommended. For the best results, it is always well-advised that you bring in some professional help. At Nice Backyard, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians who will attend to any repair works needed for your synthetic turf and is sure to install new synthetic grass as well.

Wondering how to measure how much material you will need for your project? Not sure how much area a ton of filling will cover? Or are you curious how much a load of it is?


These are just some of the questions you may be asking yourself when considering a landscaping project with filling. When deciding on the amount of gravel that you will need, your estimate will depend greatly on the type of filling that you choose, such as crushed rock, topsoil, and more. Keep in mind that different grades are found in particles from fine to course and can range from between 2-64mm.


Before you begin measuring, it is important to first choose the type of filling you would like to use.


For Topsoil and Crushed Rock:


Figuring out how much topsoil or crushed rock you need is a tricky business. How to determine how much you will need? The best way to determine how much material you need is to figure out the volume of the area you need to fill. Volume means the total space, including the length, width, and depth of the area.

Volume = Length x Width x Depth

Crushed rock and Topsoil are often measured in cubic yards. To find the number of cubic yards needed for your project you can follow these steps for the area you want to fill or cover:

  1. Measure the length (feet)
  2. Measure the width (feet)
  3. Measure the depth (feet)
  4. Multiply length x width x depth
  5. Divide the total above by 27

Quick Example: You want to make a crushed stone sidewalk that is 50 feet long by 4 feet wide and 6 inches deep.

You can also use the term “cubic” because the volume formula determines the dimensions of a 3D cube. Use abbreviations like ydand ft3 to represent the three-dimensional volume of space in yards or feet.

Why are some materials sold by cubic yards and some sold by tons?


This formula can also be used for other types of materials such as gravel, stone dust, etc.


How much can a pickup truck or delivery truck carry?

Yards = Cubic Yards

1 Cubic Yard = 27 Cubic Feet

Pick-up = Up to 2 Yards or 2 Tons

Solo = Up to 12 Yards or 15 Tons

Side Dump = Up to 24 Yards or 30 Tons

Truck Trailer = Up to 30 Yards or 30 Tons



At Nice Backyard, we offer good quality of different kinds of Landscape Materials that will suit your needs.

Artificial Hedging is your top-secret landscaping solution to make you Dull Garden into an outstanding Makeover.

Wandering around the grounds of beautiful homes or open gardens cannot fail to inspire when considering planting solutions for your own property. The perfectly manicured hedges which cordon off the outside world leaving you in what could be quite comfortably considered a ‘secret garden’, a haven of tranquility and relaxation. The most obvious solution is to use artificial hedging that can be set up right away and will give your garden the finishing touch you have always dreamed of. The foliage that is used now looks 100% botanically accurate and UV stable which means it will not discolor or fade outdoors leaving it fully maintenance free and looking lush and healthy for many years, all year round.

Here are some of the solutions to what artificial hedging can provide:

Privacy is priceless either in your home or garden.  Not only is privacy a luxury from an aesthetic point of view, but far more importantly from a security perspective. A hedge is made to surround your property from the view of the passersby and prying eyes


Adding the finishing touches to frame an area of your garden, balcony or patio can not only look very impactful but also it adds a sense of privacy in the desired space. Alternatives to artificial hedging are walls or fencing which over time look unsightly and not as in keeping with outdoor spaces.


In exposed areas such as balconies, roof terraces, or decking areas, there is often very little shelter from the wind. This is especially unfortunate as these are the places you need to be sheltered to create little suntraps for sitting outside and enjoying the weather at its best. Artificial hedging can give protection from all sides to keep the wind to a minimum too, whilst also bordering your space and enhancing its appearance. With this you can save a lot of time sweeping, raking, and cleaning.


Temporary hedging is becoming an increasingly popular option every year. Events such as exhibitions, weddings, shows need hedging very quickly for many reasons, from lining walkways right up to roadblocks. Artificial hedging is now an integral piece of multi-functional kit that is portable and can be used time and time again for many different purposes.




At Nice Backyard, we offer new, brand new, and good quality Artificial Hedges in different types and colors that will suit your needs.

Granite Pavers have been used for hundreds of years in the building and construction fields. It is particularly excellent in high traffic areas such as sidewalks and pavements. Granite Pavers are a popular choice for flooring applications because it can completely transform the look of any home, commercial building, interior, exterior, floor, wall, benchtop, fireplace and more.


Granite Pavers are being seen and used more in the garden and landscapes of residential properties. It can blend in so well with plants, trees, and flowers, enabling people to create a space where one can enjoy their natural surroundings while extending the space of your house. Wherever you used this, it will surely enhance the overall appeal and market value of your investment. Compared to other natural stones, this type of stone is more convenient, and you can use it almost for your home and to your backyard. With this, you can use this type of stone for all your landscaping needs; no need to get another type of stone as it is perfect All-in-One.


Here are some benefits that you can get when you use Granite Pavers than using other Natural Stones:


Granite Pavers carry immense beauty. it helps and will enhance the look of any place with timeless elegance. They blend in so well with all types of surroundings, whether they are used for interior or exterior.


Granite is one of the most durable and strong types of stones. It has a hard surface making it difficult to chip, or scratch. This makes an ideal for use in high traffic areas since it will last a lifetime. It is also colorfast and stain-resistant.


Granite Pavers are ideal use around pool areas or where there will be a lot of water splashed onto the floor or where there will be people/kids walking and playing around. It is a hardwearing, rough surface making it slip-resistant and not prone to accidents to children while enjoying their swim.


It has a little to no maintenance required while using Granite Pavers. It is also recommendable that you seal your pavers once a year to help reduce the risk of permanent staining.


Granites are a 100% non-combustible material making it completely fireproof and completely heat resistant. This means that it can be used near a fireplace or barbecue and resulting to not be too hot to walk on especially during hot Summer’s Day.


We hope that with this simple information helped you know the difference and benefits you can get when you use Granite Pavers instead of other popular Natural Stones. Also, we supply and install Granite Pavers, just give us a call (03) 9402 6483

Maintaining a garden bed can be difficult if you have weeds to contend with. Weeds frequently grow wild in soil that is rich and moist and will mostly compete for the nutrition for your plants. Using a chemical weed killer is effective but it’s not a healthy option for you and your environment. The use of weed mats in a garden bed can be effective; it’s a non-toxic way which can help you stop the growth of weeds.


Weed Mat works by stopping the supply of sunlight to the weeds, therefore killing them in a natural way. There are organic versions of weed mats like mulch or bark. Some gardeners also use newspaper for this purpose. A high-quality weed mat will suppress the growth of weeds and provides enough drainage for the soil underneath, so it stays moist and nourished.




Purchasing a Weed Mat:

Before buying a weed mat, you need to take into some consideration the qualities which are very important to you. Measure the size of your garden bed to determine the weed mat dimensions you’ll need. Some of the main qualities to look for in a weed mat include durability and resistance against fungus, molds, and tears.


Installing a Weed Mat:

It’s very easy to install a weed mat without any assistance, but with a little help can make the job faster and more accurately. Before you install the weed mat, you need to remove first the existing weed in the area. Try removing all the weeds from the root, so that they will not crop up again. You will also need landscaping staples, stakes or pins to bind the weed mat in place. Make sure you accommodate the existing plants in the garden bed before laying the weed mat. Cut the weed mat around a plant; make sure you are not covering the roots of the plant. Over other parts of the garden bed, allow an overlap of an inch or more, so that you don’t have an open spot that will allow weeds to come up. Stake the borders firmly. Cover the sides of the garden bed properly to avoid weed growth at the borders. Stake or staple the weed mat at all the borders. Cover the weed mat with a layer of mulch, which will help it in place, and minimize exposure to sunlight, thereby making it last longer.



We hope that with the simple information we provide the help you know more about using weed mats on a Garden Bed. At Nice Backyard, we supply and install Weed Mats just give us a call on (03) 9402 6483

A low maintenance garden is ideal for those who have a garden but doesn’t like gardening or if they have no time to garden. You may feel itch t spend leisure time around your home instead of inside. Perhaps this is the time to spruce up the exterior of your home with a tidy or the implementation of a garden. Of course, not many of us like to spend hours weeding and maintaining our gardens, yet we all know how good we feel when we are surrounded by green rather than meters of concrete with just one sad-looking in the corner. Even a non-gardener can enjoy and make their garden with the least amount of work.



Garden makes good use of the space around the home, it can be small, elaborate or something in between. With a simple grass and hedges, you can get the look that you want in a Low-Maintenance design that will surely make your garden easier and less frequent.



Low Maintenance ideas:



Lose the Lawn

One instant timesaver is to replace your lawn with artificial grass, paving, decking or aggregate. Cutting down on the hours you need to spend mowing and raking each month will leave you free to focus on other things. Artificial grass has come a long way, it has more realistic looking, softer to the touch and lasts for years with low upkeep. It has less mowing and less weeding.


Keep the Lawn

Many of us enjoy our lawns but don’t want to spend hours nurturing it. If you have children, artificial grass is a great soft play surface and pets love it too. You can also add some interest, you can make a statement with colored aggregate as a top layer for your borders, plum state or even some polished pebbles and stones making it more ideal low maintenance fillers while still being visually appealing.


Hedge It

Hedges can look very attractive and improves your home’s security that’s why most gardeners now advice to use the Artificial Hedge compared to the real one, since its low maintenance you don’t have to trim it regularly or ask someone to do it for you which will cost you more. With this, you can have your hedge last long for more years to come without you worrying to maintain it often.


We hope that with this simple Low Maintenance ideas/tips helped you achieve your desired lawn using the best Artificial Grass and Hedge that will last long. At Nice Backyard, we supply and install Artificial Grass and Hedge just gives us a call (03) 9402 6483.

One thing we all are afraid is not being able to use our backyard during this freezing weather. As freezing weather starts to approach, we often forget about how important our backyards have become to us and for our families. During cold weather, we are all afraid that we might be spending the whole season indoors and not be able to enjoy our backyards. Freezing weather is no cause to abandon your outdoor living space.

Cooler temperatures inevitably settle during Freezing Weather and many people look longingly at their outdoor spaces and wishes for a warmer season. But before resigning yourself to a warmer indoors, there are ways of enjoying your outdoor areas during freezing weather. We have come up with some ways for you and your family to spend more time outdoors in the same comfort and warmth of the indoors.


Tips how to enjoy your backyard during Winter Season:


  1. Add to existing Patio Covers – If you spent your summer adding a Patio Cover, then converting it into a Patio Enclosure will be that much easier to do. Converting your Patio Cover to a Patio Enclosure is as simple as adding some walls and adding an insulated floor depending on how you want it to look on your existing Patio Cover. Closing your Patio will extend your enjoyment of your backyard and allow you to gain more space for entertaining. Take more time to enjoy not only the beautiful sights that summer months offer but also the beautiful scenery not many of us get to enjoy during the winter months.


  1. Winterize your Patio Enclosure – If you already have a Patio Enclosure then all you need to do is make it ready for the cold weather. You can winterize your patio enclosure by adding some heat sources. Adding some fireplace can go along the way as well.


  1. Install Artificial Grass – This is one of the many reasons more homeowners are replacing their real grass with durable, low-maintenance artificial grass, which looks just as green and full in the middle of winter as it does in the middle summer. Since artificial grass don’t freeze, its perfect to use which your family and pets can enjoy during the winter season.


  1. Fire up the fire pit – Whether you have a permanent or movable fire pit, winter is the perfect time to fire it up. Those flames will feel very nicely during the winter – all-around a cozy fire with your family and friends cooking s’ mores hot dogs, storytelling and lots of sing-a-longs is perfect bonding entertainment.

With the tips, we listed above, we hope that it helped you get some ideas on how to make the most of your Freezing/Cold Weather with your family and friends.

Composite decking has a great low-maintenance alternative to wood. The composite decking industry had some growing pains in the past, but composite decking materials continue to improve and the number of quality products on the market increases each year.



Having an amazing deck can be the most wonderful feature of a home. Choosing the wrong deck can shell out thousands of dollars to get your deck back to where it was before the wear and tear. Decks add value to your home so you will need to be careful on what and how you choose your deck as it’s going to be permanent. The biggest frustration you’ll encounter will be choosing the best composite decking, no need to worry as we’re here to help you choose the best decking for your home. The benefits of having a composite deck are endless as you won’t have to repaint your deck, you’ll avoid potential termites and your deck will look brand new all year round.



Here are some guidelines for choosing the right deck:


  1. Budget – Composite decking is a great option for those on a budget. Always consider the size of your deck and the cost of the installing systems. You can choose details right down to the texture of the deck. While on the lower end of your budget you might find fewer colors, repetitive grain patterns and smooth or combed finishes that always look great. You can also choose some of the best composite decking’s that are budget-friendly with a system that installs with face screws instead of hidden fasteners.
  2. Look – If you are hesitant about a composite deck because you really want it to look like wood, no need to worry. The higher end composites have a fantastic grain design and look extremely wood-like in both feel and appearance. Many manufacturers will even buff the boards at the factory so there won’t be any plastic sheen appearance. Consider things too like railings, post caps, and decorative trim to give your deck the ultimate dress up.
  3. Quality– A good quality will help you get the composite deck of your dreams. Since it’s a great addition to any home, you’ll find yourself spending more time on your new deck. However, do so comfortably too by considering how hot the deck will get, how much space you need, and how you can make it a serene space. From color to texture, analyze what will be the best for you.
  4. Fun under the Sun – It’s important to understand that dark and dense composite decking options will get extremely hot in the sun. if you want to use your deck during summer, it’s probably best to avoid dark color. Also, if you’re sitting on a chair on your dark deck, the heat reflected off the plastic can make you sizzle. You can get composite samples in lighter colors and get them outside the sun for a test run before you choose which one you want.
  5. To add fasten or not – Hidden fasteners aren’t important to everyone. Others care if they see the fasteners when looking at their new deck. But if you don’t want to see the hardware that went into the installation, then use the hidden fasteners.
  6. Extras – Composite planks will use all the basic tools that a wood deck would. The decking planks are only a portion of what you’ll be paying for. You might need some end caps or other pieces too. Just make sure to consider all the extras when planning decking design. Consider special trim, skirt pieces and lovely add-ons like railings and posts.
  7. Uses of your deck – When you are building the design for your deck, consider what you are going to use the deck for. You should consider things too when it comes to your decks so you can have your family and friends come over without feeling too tight. Extend your home into your yard with a large, spacious deck made of the best composite decking for more entertainment and enjoyment.



We hope that with the tips/guide that we provided, helped you choose the right and perfect Composite Decking to be added onto your home. At Nice Backyard, we supply and install too composite decking, just give us a call on (03) 9402 6483.

When it comes to gyms and fitness studios, it is often overlooked on the importance of fitness flooring. Gym floors take a lot of abuse, from heavy barbell plates to bouncing medicine balls, to high foot traffic volume. It’s easy to see how any unprotected fitness flooring is potentially at risk of sustaining serious damage over the course of its lifetime. Not only is a proper flooring as important as the rest of the gym’s equipment, but it’s also part of the gym’s equipment itself. In fact, some would argue that the floor is the most important part of a gym, considering that every workout is carried out on it


Fitness flooring is the largest piece of equipment in any given space. Everyone uses it and yet it’s a piece that we usually don’t give much thought to. It needs to address safety, aesthetics, acoustics, and ergonomics in order to meet the objectives of the facility team. By installing proper fitness flooring into your home or commercial gym, you will be providing a barrier for protecting your guests, customers and even yourself from unfortunate slip and fall accidents.


Reasons Rubber Flooring is important:








We hope that with the information we have helped you know the importance of the rubber flooring into a fitness studio. At Nice Backyard, we supply and install Rubber Mat Flooring just give us a call on (03) 9402 6483

Decking is the ideal opportunity to extend your home into your garden. However, before building a deck on your own there are a few things you should consider that will help you build your own decking paradise.


Before you start laying down your deck boards though, it’s worth running through a quick checklist to make sure you’re covering your bases. Consider these guides at the beginning of your project and you’ll optimize design, manage the cost of building of your deck and create the backyard you dream of and not just the one you end up with.




  1. Location – Planning the location for your decking is the first important step to consider. If your property size is limited, then it will probably dictate where you can build a deck but if you have a large garden then some planning is necessary.

Tip: There are no set rules that say a deck must be attached to the house. You may find a detached location at the end of your garden that will provide the perfect getaway.


  1. Size & Design – The size and design of your decking will be mainly determined by your deck’s location and your budget. Make sure to determine your budget before you start, as your plans for grandeur could realistically be a lot more modest.


  1. Materials – When choosing your decking material, it is not always about looks; durability, affordability, and maintenance are also important considerations.


  1. Screws & Nails – Low-quality screws and nails will corrode, discolor your deck and shorten its life. When the structure of decking fails, it is generally due to the use of faulty or low-quality fixings. Invest in stainless steel or coated decking screws that have been specifically made to resist corrosion.


  1. Railings & Privacy Fencing – Platform decks are the easiest to build but if it is higher than a few feet off the ground, you may need to consider installing railings for safety. If your deck is visible to your neighbor’s garden or their garden is visible while you’re on your own deck you may also want to install a privacy screening that will help block the view from either vantage point.


  1. Know your level of DIY Skill – Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you start building a deck. Decking is a large project to undertake for any person with half DIY skills, but if you’re not so confident, you may want to consider consulting a professional. You could save yourself a lot of trouble and money in the long run.



We hope that with guides we provided helped you on how to start and what to consider before installing your DIY Decking. At Nice Backyard, we supply and install Composite Decking just give us a call on (03) 9402 6483

The deck is an awesome addition to your home. Not only it’s a great space to relax or entertain but also it adds beauty and value to your home. Whether you choose a natural wood deck or a low-maintenance composite deck, you can pick from a variety of styles based on the contours of your land and tour desires.

Adding a deck may seem like a lot of work but it’s relatively inexpensive and the long-term benefits greatly outweigh the initial cost. There are many options of materials for decks, from different types of softwood, composite materials that are resistant to scratches and stains. Then, of course, there are different styles of railings. Building a deck is very exciting and the process can be fun too. And when you finally decided to build one, just give us a call at Nice Backyard to help you with the planning and the installation.


Benefits of the Decking:

  1. The deck is the ideal outdoor space for your guests


  1. A good quality deck increases the value of your home


  1. Deck additions are the perfect extension for your home


  1. Deck gives you an extra space




  1. The cost of a Deck is inexpensive and has a high value



We hope that with some information we provided helped you to know more about what the benefits you can get when you have a Deck outdoor. At Nice Backyard, we supply and install decks, just give us a call on (03) 9402 6483