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What's the best season to lay Instant Turf?

Laying an instant turf is a suitable lawn solution for anyone who’s wanting to create and achieve a green outdoor space. Many homeowners are having a tough decision too on when they can have their turf be installed. Of course, when planning to lay an instant turf at your property, timing is important to consider. Choosing to lay your turf grass at the best time can have an effective impact on the lifespan of your lawn and turf.
Turf can be laid at any time of year. If you can get onto the land to prepare it for turfing without making any mess, then you can lay a turf but we at Nice Backyard highly recommends you that the perfect time to lay your instant turf should be done during Spring and Autumn. Here’s why:
Laying turf in Spring

  • If you lay your turf during spring, the soil is warming up and its normally very workable and the conditions are perfect for the plants to put down roots and start growing immediately. All you need to do is make sure there are enough soil nutrients to support that growth and that the soil is kept moist until the roots get established. You also need to use some pre-turfing fertilizer when laying turf during spring and needs to pay attention to watering. If you’re lucky, your irrigation will be supplemented by rainfall. You need to keep off your lawn for the first 3-5 weeks if you can. After that, it’ll be strong enough to use all summer long.

Laying turf in Autumn

  • Traditionally, landscapers and gardeners have been laying instant turf in autumn. The plants are getting ready for winter so you won’t have as much mowing to do in the first few months. In autumn then, turf is going to establish a strong root system very quickly. By the time spring and summer come around again, you will have a very well installed turf lawn that you can walk, run, dance and play on to your heart’s content.

Benefits and Advantage when installing during Spring and Autumn:
Taking Advantage of the natural rainfall

  • Laying a turf during a warmer and damp period will mean that you won’t be relying only on your private water supply to initiate a healthy root system on your turf. With natural, occasional rainfall combined with irrigation when needed will result in the soil and lawn to fuse together quickly and can create a strong foundation.

Benefit from less stepping on the turf

  • Whether you’re laying your turf for domestic and commercial purposes, it’s important to allow 2-5 weeks of no stepping on the turf from the time it is laid. It may be best to keep someone off a freshly laid turf during the colder months of the year.

Enjoy your green lawn during Spring and Summer

  • The result of a well-installed turf on your lawn is the finest, green outdoor space. Relaxing and entertainment are easy with the turf that has been properly installed at the right time. Also, if you are forced for the time and needs to install your instant turf during a hot and dry patch season, you can still achieve an excellent result if you take care of your turf properly.


With the information we have shared above, we hope that it helps you when is the perfect time to install your instant turf. We at Nice Backyard supply and install a good quality Instant Turf perfect for your needs and your lawn. Just give us a call at (03) 9402 6483 to inquire.

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