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When thinking about having artificial grass installed one may be wondering when the best time is to do so. Or if there even is a best time. In this article there is information to help one through the process of consideration. Certainly, each person is different so think on these few ideas we will be sharing along with your personal preferences and worries before committing to anything. In the end, if you get artificial turf installed and it is everything you want it to be is what’s most important.



Here are a few of important things to think about in choosing when to install artificial grass:






In general, try to avoid scheduling installations during the rainy season. Many installations are put on hold when rain interferes with getting dirt out of the installation site. Rain can make installations less productive and quite possible affect the look of your yard when complete. It may surprise you to know but from a physical standpoint it’s much easier to install grass in the winter months with the ground being much softer than in the summer. If you’re planning on installing yourself, winter is generally considered the best time to do so.



Hopefully this has been some use to you, if you’re interested you can call Nice Backyard to get a quote.


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