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Rubber Gym Mats were used in different floors, through carpet, concrete, tile, hardwood floors and more. But a lot of people were having issues how to, what to do and not to do when it comes to washing the Rubber backed mats.
No matter what type of rubber flooring you may be using at your home or in business, it’s very important to maintain its material. Rubber flooring is very durable, but proper care and maintenance needs it to maintain the style and vibrancy. But if you are asking if it can be washed through a machine, unfortunately NO. It is not the right step to clean you rubber mats. Here’s a guide to help you preserve your floors for as lifetime use.
Mild Detergent
The way you use your rubber mats may impact how new they look. Fortunately, you are starting a resilient product that absorbs sound and impact, resists the growth of mold and bacteria, and is water-and slip- resistant. Avoid regular cleaning also. You could allow dirt to grind into the floor or the material to lose its shine.
To keep it in best possible condition, be sure to stay on two cleaning cycles: daily or weekly and periodically. For Daily or weekly, dry vacuuming the rubber mat floors will remove dirt and debris, and it’s a chore you should do regularly. For business, vacuuming daily is recommended. For Home Gyms or play areas, you can vacuum it weekly. You should also damp mop on weekly or daily schedule. Avoid pouring too much water and cleaner on the material and use only mild detergent. For periodically, vacuuming and mopping daily is best for business and weekly for home gyms, helps keep your floors looking their best.
Rubber tiles should receive a cleaning treatment (regular vacuuming and washing). Since they are portable, it’s a good idea to periodically move interlocking tiles from high traffic area to lower use areas. This will help extend life on your floor. Keeping up with the cleaning schedule will help your rubber flooring maintain its original look. For daily or weekly, remove dirt and debris using a vacuum place on a medium setting. You can also use the hose to more precisely clean the tiles. As for washing, instead of mopping, clean the tiles by hand using a water and mild detergent. Be careful not to overspray or allow excess cleaner to drip onto the rubber flooring. NEVER USE A MACHINE TO WASH FOAM RUBBBER TILES OR FLOOR MATS.
To take care for rubber flooring, always clean up the spills and avoid chemicals. With all this guide, you didn’t just have a clean floor mats, but it still looks new and good.