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When it comes to gyms and fitness studios, it is often overlooked on the importance of fitness flooring. Gym floors take a lot of abuse, from heavy barbell plates to bouncing medicine balls, to high foot traffic volume. It’s easy to see how any unprotected fitness flooring is potentially at risk of sustaining serious damage over the course of its lifetime. Not only is a proper flooring as important as the rest of the gym’s equipment, but it’s also part of the gym’s equipment itself. In fact, some would argue that the floor is the most important part of a gym, considering that every workout is carried out on it
Fitness flooring is the largest piece of equipment in any given space. Everyone uses it and yet it’s a piece that we usually don’t give much thought to. It needs to address safety, aesthetics, acoustics, and ergonomics in order to meet the objectives of the facility team. By installing proper fitness flooring into your home or commercial gym, you will be providing a barrier for protecting your guests, customers and even yourself from unfortunate slip and fall accidents.
Reasons Rubber Flooring is important:

  • Staying injury free is the most important thing you can for your customers. All potential flooring surfaces have unique properties and attributes, each of which affects the customers in a variety of different ways. A floor with no resilience of shock absorption will transfer almost the full force of the customer’s movement back onto their limbs and joints as they move. However, a floor who has rubber flooring has very high resilience and shock absorption qualities to help relieve some of these pressures exerted by the customers. These improved floor qualities are what allows the customers to feel without any full force when doing their daily routines. This also helps customers reduced strains and away from accidents for them to be able to work out safely for longer and more frequently.


  • Having the highest quality material to train on is a step towards this improvement. Workout intensity is a huge factor for individual improvement and a rubber floor provides the optimal surface for the most intense workouts. Rubber flooring also allows for quicker acceleration, excellent shock absorption, and improved traction. Since rubber floors are so forgiving, customers/athletes can push themselves to the max without fear of injury. The improved traction offered by the rubber flooring also allows lifters to really dig deep and get the most from their lift.


  • Having a professional standard in your gym is very important, especially to prospective new clients and athletes. An abundance of sweaty people working out can make it difficult to maintain a clean lifting environment. Rubber flooring has some of the highest ratings in resilience, cleanliness, and durability out of any surface material available. Rubber mats can easily withstand the impact of dropped weights and intense workouts, time after time. Unlike some other floors that get damaged or show signs of wear, rubber mats can withstand as much use. By having a high quality and easy to maintain floor, your gym will be the go-to place for cross-trainers, weightlifters and athletes.


We hope that with the information we have helped you know the importance of the rubber flooring into a fitness studio. At Nice Backyard, we supply and install Rubber Mat Flooring just give us a call on (03) 9402 6483

There are numerous benefits to using a rubber mat. They are highly durable, incredibly strong and versatile. Rubber mats can withstand significant weight and offers excellent protection to your sub floor. But there’s often one problem, the smell on rubber mat. When you install rubber mats indoors, you may quickly start to notice a rubber flooring odor. While some rubber materials have a stronger smell than others, that rubber odor can be overwhelming especially if you installed many mat in a smaller space, such as weight room or a garage. That smell can give people headaches, and if you are running a business then it could drive people away.
Rubber mats naturally give off an odor because they are made of rubber. Some people are highly bothered by rubber odors, while others don’t mind them so much especially if they choose a low odor option. Rubber mats that are made from vulcanized recycled rubber, can smell strongly, especially when they’re brand new. Some mats made of vulcanized rubber are treated to help it minimize the odor. Other mats, such as for outdoor used on playgrounds or barns carries a significant odor. When you smell the rubber from a mat, you are smelling the mat giving off volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Almost all scents and odors derive from VOCs. These compounds have been trapped in the rubber, but as the mat is exposed to the air and let in place for a while, the release of VOCs will slow down, and the odor will fade.
Here are a few tips on how to get rid of rubber smell:
Choose Appropriate Mats to make getting rid of Rubber Odor easier

  • Avoiding a rubber odor in the first place is far easier than rubber odor removal after the fact, so it’s important to realize that some rubber mats have stronger odors than others. As you choose your rubber mats, keep potential odor issues in mind.

Use a Neutral pH Cleaner as a Rubber Odor Neutralizer

  • Cleaning your new rubber mats immediately can help to minimize the odor. Use a neutral pH cleaner and thoroughly clean both sides of the mat. It’s ideal if you can do this outdoors, rather than bringing the mat inside first. Allow the mat to thoroughly dry before you install it.

Maximize Ventilation during Rubber Odor removal

  • Proper ventilation is key to eliminating rubber smell. If you have your mats installed in a space with poor ventilation, you’ll quickly find that the rubber odor will build up and only get stronger. Ventilation can help significantly, especially during the first few days and weeks after you’ve installed the mats. Make sure that you have the windows open and fans going as often as possible until the smell has dissipated to an acceptable level.

Sunning will speed up Outgassing for Rubber Smell Removal

  • If you’re going to sun your rubber mats, it’s best to do it during the summer, when the sun is strongest. The method is still effective during other times of the year, too. Depending on the specific rubber mat you’re working with, you may need to sun it for a few hours up to a few weeks before the process of out gassing is complete. Most rubber mats are durable to withstand limited sunning, but if you have tried this strategy with another type of flooring or another product, realize that other materials may be more sensitive to sunlight. Excessive sun can bleach or fade products, and you should never sun a foam or latex product. Make sure that your mats are thoroughly dry and odor-free too before you bring them indoors and install them.

Store mats strategically to get rid of Rubber Smell

  • Eliminating rubber smell can be more difficult in a small space, especially if you’re living in that space during the process. If you have a garage or shed, this might make an ideal storage space while you work on eliminating rubber smell in the mats. Storing the mats elsewhere will help to minimize the odor that you have to deal with.

Be Patient when trying to Remove Rubber Smell

  • When it comes to eliminating rubber smell, a bit of patience is often necessary. Make sure that you start with a low-odor product, which will make the overall process easier. If you need to have your mats installed by a date, order them well ahead of time so that you have plenty of time to work on rubber odor elimination.

Tips for Business:

  • If you’ll be bringing rubber mats into your business, like a gym, then you probably won’t have the luxury of being able to take your time in airing out a space and installing the mats gradually. In this situation, it’s wise to advise your clients ahead of time that the installation will be taking space. Anyone who is highly sensitive to smells will have some notice to find an alternative situation for a few days. When you notify clients, be sure to highlight the steps you’ll be taking in eliminating rubber smell. Remind the clients of the benefits that the new mats will offer and explain that you’re aware that the odor may be a problem and that you have a rubber odor elimination plan in place.

The smell won’t last forever, and the above steps can help to get rid of the rubber smell, so you can get back to enjoying the space even sooner. At Nice Backyard, we have a range of different Rubber Mats and are very good from smell point of view. Compared to other mats, Nice Backyard’s rubber mat’s smell goes away in few days. Contact now to inquire and check it for yourself ?

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Most people dreamt to own a gym whether it’s a Home Gym or a Commercial Gym. People are conscious about their body health and fitness as time passed by. Especially when holidays and family gatherings have passed, proper exercise will avail. But there are some things that needs to be discuss or learn before setting up a new gym. As successful gym requires some industry-specific knowledge and careful planning. Several key factors will play a large part in the success of your gym.
Here are Tips that you should consider when setting up a New Gym:
Find your Space/Location:

  • For Home Gym, this can be challenging especially if you live in a smaller house or an apartment, but not impossible. Whatever location you choose for your home gym just make sure you like the lighting, smell and overall atmosphere because if you don’t like the space, you are more likely to not what to spend time there.
  • For Commercial Gym, you need to choose the right location for your gym. If you’re opening a niche gym, just be sure its easily accessible to your target market. Be certain that the facility is large enough to accommodate all your workout equipment while allowing enough space for members to move freely and safely about the premises.

Create a Budget

  • Before you start shopping for fitness equipment, you should always establish you budget. Remember that you will save time and money, gas expenses, etc. For home gyms, you can start with just a couple of pieces and build up to what you believe you need to have to meet your fitness goals. For Commercial Gym, you can purchase the equipment’s to a bundle that supplies gym products. You can also do a research where you want to buy the equipment’s that offers discount and good quality.

Essential Equipment’s
Equipment’s you can use whether home gym or commercial gym:

  1. Barbell & Plate Set
  • The most important piece of equipment you’ll need for your gym and will be the foundation for all your workouts. You will be able to find all sorts of sets and plates for sale on the internet – including second bargains. Bear in mind that you’ll need a true Olympic bar so that you can rely on its sturdiness and won’t outgrow it.


  1. Bench
  • To make the most of your barbell sets, you’ll need a bench. Always go for a bench that has an incline and decline functionality; you may not use these often, but if you decide to go for a split bodybuilding style training phase it’ll come in handy.


  1. Rack
  • This is an important element of your gym set-up; it’; be the biggest piece of equipment and the most expensive. You’ll want more commercial feel as you need it to be robust enough to survive all those grueling workouts. You may also want to seek out a rack that can easily take attachments.


  1. Flooring
  • A very important aspect of gym planning is the flooring, which must protect your property and help make your gym equipment last longer. Proper gym flooring will also help reduce the sound level coming out of the gym. Aim for a commercial grade foam flooring (you’ll find it in interlocking squares). This will last years and is very affordable. You can also purchase flooring mats through NICE BACKYARD as we supply, install and deliver Rubber Gym Mats and EVA Foam Mats.


  1. Kettlebells
  • Opt for a pair of relatively heavy kettlebells (12-16kg) over a rack of dumbbells. Kettlebells is far more versatile piece of equipment. They can replicate most of the exercises you would perform with dumbbells and bring an element of momentum and functional training to your workouts.

For Additional Options
You can also add Suspension Trainer, Dumbbells, Punch Bag, Spin Bike and Mirrors.
Only Buy Quality

  • If you are going to buy equipment for your gym, remember that fitness equipment is one of those buys where you really get what you pay for. Buying gym equipment means not only are you getting top-of-the-line machine craftsmanship, but a warranty and service repair from professionals in the industry. Exercise machines should be safe, durable, and include features that will complement and enhance your workouts, such as built-in workouts and tests, a heart rate monitor, and smart phone connectivity.

Know your Workout Style

  • Once you have all the equipment’s needed for your gym, always know what style of workout you will be working on as this will be your daily routine to achieve your body goals. Don’t forget to Set yourself up to a progress as well to track if you did excel in the routine you’re working on. You can also use a help from the trainers if you don’t know what workout style you will be working on. Your trainer will be assisting you and tracking your progress so that your focus will just be doing the routine.

Devise a Workout Plan

  • Your gym won’t mean anything if you never use it, so once you’ve got the plan laid out, its time to start planning your work out schedule. For commercial gyms, your trainer will be the one who’s going to manage you when and how your workout schedule will be. For home gyms, one disadvantage is that the normal life – kids, errands, chores etc. – can make it tempt to keep putting off workouts. Just like a doctor’s appointment, work, or your child’s dance class, you should make time every day for your workout.

With all the tips above, we hope that you learned something in setting up a New Gym ?