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Is Australian Grass Really Better than Chinese Grass?

Most of the people when they are choosing the right artificial grass they want to know more if which type of grass is better. Other’s may have to inquire outside of the country thinking that its better compared to local artificial grass. That’s the time that they have questions if the artificial grasses outside the country (CHINA) is better compared to the local artificial grass (AUSTRALIA). All the artificial grass is made from the same materials, they were just manufactured on another country.  Australia grass are made from materials imported from China. And Chinese turfs pass most of the Australian Tests, so technically Chinese turf is of good quality too. No matter where you’re buying your synthetic grass and no matter which manufacturer made it or the contractor installing it. Quality is and should be the utmost priority.



Artificial Grass was first used on 1960s in the Houston Astrodome, the first covered sports stadium in the USA. This type of artificial grass was named Astroturf, after the stadium. The objective was to create a sport playing field that was as functional as possible, functionality and not the look and feel of the turf was the key factor. Apart from being green, the playing field did not resemble natural grass in any way at all. It was made from nylon (PA = polyamide) and was in fact basically a thick layer of carpeting. Nylon had the unpleasant tendency to cause ‘burns’ when it came into skin contact. Furthermore, nylon was also a relatively costly material, which meant at that time, an artificial grass playing field represented a sizeable investment.


Polypropylene –


In the 1980s, a new type of artificial grass for sports made from polypropylene (PP) yarn with a 90% sand infill was introduced. PP was less expensive than nylon. The sand infill was used to stabilize the playing surface, or, in other words, to achieve a more natural ‘ball bounce and roll’ for tennis and hockey, and it also made the artificial grass system even cheaper.


Polyethylene –


At the end of the 1990s, the third generation of artificial grass playing surfaces was developed for field contact sports. The difference from artificial grass pitches laid the 1980s was that players could make sliding tackles without burning or grazing their skin. This was mainly due to the use of polyethylene (PE) as a raw material for the artificial grass fibers and an infill consisting of granulated rubber instead of sand, or a layered combination of both.



Some of the Australian Companies who manufacture Synthetic Grass products are exclusively made in Australia and have been designed and tested with their own unique climate and conditions in mind. Some products even qualify to carry the prestigious ‘Made in Australia’ logo. As the market for synthetic grass grows, so do the options. Some products are imported, some claim to be an Australian made but, are manufactured in Australia with imported materials. Then there are those, ‘Made in Australia’ to stringent guidelines that afford them the privilege of labelling with the ‘Made in Australia’ logo.

All in all, there are some very good quality Chinese synthetic grass and Australian synthetic grass out there, but it pays to be cautious. Nothing can irk a person more than spending a large amount of money on a product and having it deteriorate before its time. In closing, do your research and make sure to ask any questions you can regarding the quality, the warranty and the manufacturing of the synthetic grass you’re interested in buying. Be certain to check how reputable your contractor is and if he’s done jobs like your lawn. With the things that you should know about Chinese and Australian synthetic grass you can help prevent unnecessary headaches down the road.




With this information, we hope that you learn something of which turf grass is better and what are the materials used to create turf grass that was used from then and now as main tool for Landscaping ?

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