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How to Maintain your Letterbox?

How to Maintain your Letterbox | Maintain a Letterbox | Maintain Letterbox

1. How to Maintain your Letterbox?

Most of the people ask the question about How to maintain your letterbox or maintain letterbox? We try to answer this question and try to remove your confusion in this blog.

All Letterboxes are finished to a high-quality level, and to maintain that finish throughout the life of the product, it requires some regular simple maintenance. Your letterbox says everything about you, so it should always keep it nice and clean.


2. How to clean letterbox:

For stainless steel letterboxes, it is recommended to regular cleaning every 3-4 months with a regular stainless-steel cleaner. This will remove any corrosive residue from the atmosphere. Hinges on doors in stainless plates require a regular light coat or similar spray to maintain their integrity. Locks may need some proper lock lubricant from time to time.

How to Maintain your Letterbox | Maintain a Letterbox | Maintain Letterbox

Even though it doesn’t seem, your letterbox needs the care to make it always look clean and shining, because it’s continuously weather-beaten. There are different kinds of products to be used for this aim, that should possibly be neutral and mild.

The usage of aggressive cleaning agents can, as a matter of fact hopelessly ruin your letterbox, corrosing the protective covering film.


3. Steps to clean the letterbox:

To perfectly clean our letterboxes, here are a few steps:

a. Remove all the post from your letterbox so that it doesn’t get wet.

b. Damp a rag with cool water and pour some neutral detergent. Rub the whole surface with care, internally and externally.

c. Rinse the whole internal and external area to remove all traces of soap.

d. Wipe with a dry cloth to avoid the appearance of stains


4. Special Care of letterbox who resides seaside:

If you live in a seaside area you must take particular care for the condition of your letterbox. In fact, here salt and sand may deposit on the surface and wear it out. In this case, our advice is to use neutral and mild cleaning products, following the steps given above.

At the first step of the cleaning phase, we recommend you wipe the letterbox with a damp cloth multiple times until the material has regained its original brightness.


5. Conclusion:

To maintain letterbox and to make durable for the years you need to care and clean your letterbox on a regular basis. We hope that the information above helped you maintain your letterbox like it’s a brand new ?

Feel free to contact for any confusion regarding install a new letterbox or choosing the right letterbox.


If you want to buy new letterbox or mailbox please click this link to see our Letterbox & Clothesline Products.

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