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Canopy for Backyard

Your outdoor space and landscaping can be jazzed up with canopy for backyard. They are the best options when it comes to enjoying the warm weather through spring and cool breezes in the fall. They can be set up near pools, patios, fire pit and even near your outdoor kitchen and canopy for your backyard is just perfect for any occasion.

Nice backyard provides a wide array of canopies coming in different sizes and colors and that are easy to install without any complicated step involved. So, depending upon your requirement we have different styles of canopies that you can choose from like:

Types of Canopy for Backyard:

  • Pop up canopies: Are easy to install and make a good choice for temporary use, just have to stretch the frame and attached canopy pops out.
  • Shade canopies: They not only provide protection against sun but also give limited protection against rain and wind.
  • Netted canopies: Easy to install, have netting on all four sides thus protecting from insects while allowing ventilation. Thus can be useful if you want to spend the night in your backyard!
  • Gazebo styled canopy: They come in different designs and add admirable beauty to your backyard, are semi-permanent outdoor structure and are installed if you want go for a luxurious backyard.

When it comes to canopy for backyard, you can go with DIY option or our team can help you with the installation process. Orders can be placed online or you can call us on our contact provided at the website. Nice backyard ensures ‘ON TIME’ delivery of the product on the given address.


Please click this link to see our Canopy Product:

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