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Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial turf installation can be a simple task, adding beauty for years to your home. We at nice back yard provide our customers with a wide array of easy to install and maintain artificial turfs.
We have compiled the following instructions for those who want to undergo artificial turf installation.

First of all, the tools that are required: Yard rake, hammer, marking paint, garden hose, wheelbarrow, shovel, measuring tapes, razor knife, hand roller, fertilizer spreader, seaming glue.

Procedure for Artificial Turf Installation

  • Preparing the base: Involves clearing the ground, Removal of debris, stones, preparation of base height by spreading sand and leveling the height, add a weed membrane layer.
  • Rolling out artificial grass: Roll out the artificial grass and trim the edges with a craft knife.
  • Joining and fixing of the rolls: If more than one roll has been used, then make sure that the blades of grass point in one direction. Align the rolls edge to edge and use the joining tape followed by adding adhesive.
  • Fix down the edges: Use the ground pins and nail them into the ground at an angle, every 200mm.
  • Groom the grass: Finish off by brushing the grass with a broom to make it look fuller and natural.
  • Keep brushing and rinsing your grass on regular basis for it to look great and soft for years to come.

Artificial turf installation is best done by or under the guidance and supervision of an expert. Nice Backyard offers professional turf installation services. Why not get in touch with us today with your queries?

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