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Are Rubber Mats safe for Hardwood Floors?

Rubber Gym Mats are typically used as a temporary flooring surface in both commercial and residential spaces. This comes in several different sizes, thickness and design as well. This are great from yoga to cross fit. You will often see the rubber mats in commercial gyms, and particularly in cross fit gyms. And if you have your personalized gyms at home, you can also use this to make it look more fancier same as the one in commercial gyms.


Hardwood Floors are one of the most desirable features in every home. They look great and they can last forever, but they require some special considerations. Most people don’t want to ruin their hardwood floors, so lots of people who are building home gyms had a question regarding for the rubber mat floorings, “Are rubber mats safe for hardwood floors?”. Usually concerned citizens call their hardwood floor manufacturer’s first and ask for consultation/recommendation what to do or put on top before the rubber mats so that it won’t get damaged. A lot of people also post in Forums for some ideas that they do to keep it shiny when they add the Rubber Mats. They were all concerned about the moisture underneath that were trap and the weight that they came up with something to go under the mats for some protective surface such as padding and plastic. And YES, its is safe, here are some tips that you can use or try to keep your hardwood floors still look amazing even if you put rubber mats on it.



To prevent scuffing first put down some canvas drop cloths (foam underlay also works but can add squishiness, which is bad), then 3/4″ plywood, then rubber mats. This will protect your nice flooring sufficiently from dropped weights and the direct abrasion of the plywood and reduce noise. Finally, you drill some wood screws through the rubber and plywood to keep everything nicely in place. You will be recessing the screw into the rubber a bit, so you don’t trip on the screw head, so be extra careful that your screws aren’t so long that you go through to your nice floor underneath. With this idea, you can didn’t just ruined your nice floor you even have your exercise.



At Nice Backyard we stock and sell Rubber Mats in various thickness and design.

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