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Bamboo Panels (9)

Bamboo Panels 1.8m X .9m


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Bamboo Panels can have multiple applications like fencing, visual barriers, sunshades, partition & decoration. Available in different sizes.

Our Bamboo Panels are well treated, Kiln dried and absolutely dry. They are made of thick bamboos; all the bamboos have been fixed with hidden screws. All the panels are of the same size and there is no gap between the various bamboos.

The Bamboos are tied tightly with strong ropes to the strong backing.

They are coated with clear UV protection inside to perform well against weathering in external conditions. The bamboos normally fade under the suns and they need to be resealed using decking oil or bamboo lacquer. We stock them as well.

The bamboo can last 5- 10 years, the color will stay longer if put under the shadow.

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 180 x 90 x 7 cm


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Bamboo Panels 1.8m X 1m

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