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Artificial Grass Installation

Considered as an arduous task, artificial grass installation is actually a simple multistep process. Some of you want to tackle the project on your own, therefore help to you out, Nice backyard has jotted down some instructions that you can follow.


  1. Clearing the area: Plan out the area to be covered with artificial grass installation. Remove the stones and debris from the area and cut out the existing grass to a depth of 2 inches.
  2. Creating an edge and lay the base: Install an edging system if required and lay the base by spreading sand across the area. The depth of sand should not be more than 20mm and level it for a finishing.
  3. Laying the weed membrane: Once the base is leveled, lay the weed membrane that prevents weed growth and allows proper water drainage.
  4. Layout the artificial grass: Unroll the artificial grass over the area. Once positioned, cut the excess grass with a knife and fix them by nailing them with ground pins.
  5. Finishing: It’s very important to give a natural looking finish. This can be done by applying kiln sand on the edges. Keep brushing and cleaning the artificial grass on regular basis.
  6. Prior to ordering, you can also request samples of artificial grass. Nice backyard provides good quality diverse options of artificial grass to choose from at reasonable rates. If you don’t want to go for DIY option, then our services are always available at your door.

We, at Nice Backyard, offer the widest variety of Artificial Grass in Australia for your front yard and backyard. Contact us today for a quote for installing artificial grass.