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Bamboo Panels for Backyard

Be it fencing, partition or sunshade, bamboo panels for backyard are an ideal way to achieve all of the purposes. Bamboo panels don’t just do their basic function but also add up as a great attraction to your backyard and frontyard. Recently, they have been really popular in Melbourne region and can easily be spotted in most of the backyards serving one purpose or the other

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Weed Mat Supplier Melbourne

Weeds are the worst part of gardening. One method to prevent their growth is weed matting. Weed Mat Supplier Melbourne offer weed mat at the best prices with various options to choose from.  They are of two types, woven weed mat which are puncture resistant and are more durable than the non-woven ones and rubber or synthetic weed mats.

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Synthetic Grass Installation

Synthetic grass has seen rise in popularity in recent years due to an easy keep up and year-round vibrancy. Synthetic Grass Installation is though easy yet requires some experience for that perfect outlook.

We, at Nice Backyard, offer synthetic grass in different textures and shapes for all budgets. and can be fitted to any design. Whether you opt for DIY or go with professional synthetic grass installation, in both cases same instructions have to followed as listed below:

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Gym Mat Supplier Melbourne

Gyms have a wide range of heavy weights and lifting equipment that can cause damage to the bare floors. Wooden or concrete, both floor types face a threats of damage when the pump is on! Gym Mat supplier offer the solution for the above problem. With their rubber cushioning, they offer to be ideal to ensure safety and long life of the flooring.

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Gym Mat Installation in Melbourne

The gym floor needs to withstand heavy impact of the weights and iron. Specialize Gym Mat Installation is the key to ensure the safety of the floor and its durability. Gym Mats are usually rubber mats when it comes to material. This is because rubber easily absorbs the shocks from weight drops.

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